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Photography by JG + SHI.

Four Canadian Jewellery Drops We’re Excited About

For treating yourself, or your friends.

Whether you’re searching for something to gift yourself or someone else, Canadian jewellery designs will hit the spot. Here are a few new #shoplocal launches that are sure to pique your interest.

Ora-C just launched a new line as a “tongue-in-cheek” homage to strange times

Photography by JG + SHI.

Boasting an eclectic rendering of whimsical bows, Montreal’s Ora-C has fashioned a collection of wearables “inspired by the romantic escapism one may seek to feel alive and whole. Reminiscent of Renaissance artifacts after the Dark Ages, each creation is as regal as it is hopeful,” as the brand’s founder, Caroline Pham, puts it in the line’s lookbook.

The “This Is Knot A Bow You” pieces vary in price from $85 for a cheeky “lefty” ear cuff named after the famous left-handed Renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci, to $550 for a statement necklace made with Zing Jiang Jade.

Hestia introduces its limited-timing November Moment

Photography courtesy of Hestia.

Every last Tuesday of the month, Toronto-based fine jewellery brand Hestia presents a “one of a kind piece and price” for customers to snap up. For November, you’ll find the hand-made, 14 karat gold Jupiter hooped earrings available for $680. Be quick, though – this deal is only available for a two-day time span.

As Hestia’s Creative Director notes in a statement about the occasional drops, the fleeting availability reflects how “moments evoke milestone emotions” that are surprisingly delightful but not meant to last.

Winnipeg’s Bronwyn Butterfield is about to launch a new snake-themed collection featuring an expanded category offering

canadian jewellery
Photography courtesy of Bronwyn Butterfield.

Métis-identifying accessory artist Bronwyn Butterfield will drop an array of pieces this coming Monday, November 30th at 6pm EST, including brooches, bolo ties and necklaces in addition to a selection of her beloved beaded earrings. Priced in the range of $110-$230, the new line is the first time Butterfield is offering the reptilian motif outside of custom work.

“This collection is a reflection of my love for street style and contemporary fashion,” Butterfield says. “I love seeing snake imagery in tattoo designs, paintings and more. Indigenous peoples and our art is something that is often viewed in the past by society, whether that is subconscious or not. In my mind, this collection speaks out against that. I love being able to carry on cultural traditions such as beading – a process often viewed as historic – to create pieces that specifically align with contemporary fashion [and] streetwear.”

Sonya Lee is collaborating with female makers on a new pin design

canadian jewllery
Photography courtesy of Sonya Lee.

Updating a classic embellishment by incorporating contemporary shapes and capitalizing on the of-the-moment concept of collabs, Vancouver accessory brand Sonya Lee‘s latest offering is a quirky Kilt Pin designed in partnership with Kara Yoo. “Developed out of the desire to support and feature other designers in our community, the Kilt Pin pin is a collectable and customizable item that will feature different charms as we collaborate with other brands over time,” says Sonya Lee founder, Stephanie Ibbitson.

For the first iteration of the pin, a sterling silver style was crafted with fellow Vancouver-based jewellery designer Yoo, who uses recycled elements in her work. And don’t let the name limit you – as Ibbitson points out in a press release, “It is also multifunctional and goes beyond weighing down the top flap of a skirt and is great for general attaching and accessorizing of blazers, scarves and blouses.”

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