Photo courtesy of Jenny Bird

30 Canadian Jewellery Brands You Need to Know

Support Canadian fashion with a bit of bling.

There is no shortage of homegrown talent in Canada — especially when it comes to jewellery brands. Every year, the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards have highlighted some of the immensely talented Canadian designers. And this year was no different. After three years of cancelled or postponed ceremonies, this year’s gala felt extra special.

Included in our list of Canadian jewellery brands are industry veterans like Biko and Ecksand, newcomers like Steff Eleoff and Cyntia Miglio, and CAFA winner, Melanie Auld Jewellery. Given the small-scale production among many of our favourite local brands, there’s a focus on sustainability as well as the use of recycled material. Just look to Vancouver-based Wolf Circus, which uses recycled silver and bronze throughout its collections.

Whether you’re looking for your next pair of statement earrings or hunting for a piece that will one day become an heirloom, here are 30 Canadian jewellery brands you should check out.

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