The most memorable beauty looks in our fave ’90s music videos

ICYMI, the past couple of years have seen a total and complete resurgence of the ’90s. Beauty trends like brown lipstick and hair gems are cool once again, and we definitely aren’t mad about it!

That being said, the ’90s were also full of questionable beauty choices: blue eyeshadow and mismatching lipliner, anyone? #tbt

To commemorate arguably the best and worst period in beauty history, we’re taking a look back at the most iconic beauty trends from our fave ’90s music videos. Cue the Mariah playlist!

Bold brows
Hello, did you think Cara Delevingne started this trend? Okay, well, it wasn’t Madonna either, but during the ’90s when everyone tweezed their brows into oblivion, Madonna Vogueed her way into our hearts with bushy brows.

Who doesn’t remember Britney’s iconic pigtail braids? This hairstyle is still a go-to for many in the summer, but it’s been updated a la Kim K’s boxer braids.

Ponytails aside (athleisure!), it looks like the Spice Girls were ahead of their time in the makeup realm, too. Everyone is going au naturel in 2016.

Rainbow hair
T-Boz slayed bright pink hair back in ’99 and today, rainbow hues are totally still in.

Matching your eyeshadow to your lipstick to your outfit to your…living room? The ’90s were all about colour-coordination.

Facial jewellery
A ’90s face beat (and let’s be real, a 2016 face beat) wouldn’t be complete without some facial jewellery.

Blue eyeshadow
We can thank the ’90s for the blue eyeshadow trend. Thankfully, it’s back and more subdued than ever today.

Butterfly clips
Like Mariah Carey herself, butterfly clips are the epitome of the ’90s.

Messy hair and dark lips: the rocker-chic look was cool then and let’s be honest, will always be cool.

It was subtle then, but the ’90s glitter eyeshadow trend is on steroids in 2016 (here’s how you can get the look).

Thin eyebrows
Eyebrows of the ’90s, like Gwen Stefani’s here, were super thin and definitely not on on fleek.

The overlined lip trend of today is equivalent to the bold lipliner trend of the ’90s. Both are equally hard to pull off.

Too-light foundation
Thank god for colour matching. We’re definitely glad to see this trend go.

Brown lipstick
Ah, the ’90s trend we’re most thrilled to have back in 2016.