celebrity bright coloured hair hailey baldwin
Photography via Instagram/haileybaldwin

The Best in Celebrity Bright Coloured Hair: 25 Epic Rainbow Hues to Inspire Your Next Dye Job

Sure, going from a blonde to a brunette to a redhead can cause quite the stir in the beauty world (think Emma Stone), but celebs these days are straying from the norm when it comes to dyeing their hair. Stepping out on the red carpet in bright-coloured hair, Hollywood’s coolest stars are making us think we should follow suit this season and book our next hair appointment stat.

Demi Lovato and Katy Perry were the frontrunners for the most varied hair colours, until Kylie Jenner (and her wigs) paraded into the picture. The beauty mogul has pretty much experimented with all the colours we can possibly imagine, from her latest shade, red, to actual rainbow. But if there is one hue that celebs tend to gravitate to, it would have to be pink. While Hailey Baldwin recently showed off her new rose-coloured hair on Instagram, Bella Hadid flirted with the idea for a hot second last month. But when it comes to pink hair, who can ever forget Rachel McAdams‘ neon highlights circa 2007. Without a doubt, pink is the go-to. And before you think the bright-coloured hair trend is only for the younger generation, Helen Mirren proved that you could rock this statement hairstyle at any age—with caution, please and thank you.

Thinking of trying out the candy-coloured hair trend this summer? Well you’re in luck. Tracking down the best of the best (including a flashback to the ‘90s), we present you 25 of the best celebrity bright-coloured hair moments to inspire.

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