Every Single Way You Can Wear Glitter on Your Body

Ever wanted to take the quote “She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes” literally? Our glitter queen, Miley Cyrus, certainly did. Homegirl is basically one giant glitter bomb, and we’re totally diggin’ it.

Glitter’s also having a major beauty moment. ICYMI, Instagram trends like glitter roots and underbrow glitter are all the rave. So if you’re down to look like a disco ball and destroy your entire house in the process—because trust us, that shit gets everywhere—then you should definitely try one (or all!) of these glitter trends.

So raid your nearest craft store (or sorority house)—it’s your time to shine! From basic eyelid glitter to super daring vajayjay glitter, we’ve got you covered from head-to-toe. Scroll through our gallery for some major glitter inspo.

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