Introducing hair gems, the dreamy Instagram trend that’s throwing back to the ’90s

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By now, you should know that we love us a good Instagram beauty trend. To recap, in the past year we’ve swooned over the following: lipstick art, oil slick lips, glow-in-the-dark hair, glitter beards, glitter roots, galaxy hair…we could keep going for literal paragraphs, but we’ll stop there. So to recap, we love Instagram trends.

That’s why you shouldn’t take it lightly when we say that the latest beauty look that we’re double-tapping might just be our.favourite.ever. Enter: hair gems. They’re reminiscent of ’90s hair charms but unlike anything that happened in the ’90s, these are super-small, understated and totally chic. Not a butterfly clip in sight.

Hair gems look unreal on literally any hair colour (including pastel!) and any ‘do, too (ponytail, curls, whatever). Stars seem to be the go-to lewk here, which makes sense since the end result is so damn dreamy.

Browse the gallery below for our favourite hair gems.

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