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Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock

Tim Hortons Has Maybe, Probably, Definitely Created A Shawn Mendes Cup

This is not a drill.

It’s no secret that as Canadians, we’re somewhat obsessed with popstar Shawn Mendes. And in case anyone needed any more proof that he is the ultimate face of Canada, Tim Hortons has seemingly produced a limited run of cups with Mendes’ face on them.

According to Narcity, the cups will be available at select Tim Hortons locations across the country from Friday, though there’s been no official confirmation from the brand itself. Images of the cups have been shared on social and show a red or white cup with a black and white image of the If I Can’t Have You singer surrounded by white or red sketches of maple leafs (naturally) and roses. The brand’s slogan – Proudly Canadian – appears under the singer’s name in the design.

If it is in fact true, it’s currently unclear as to why Mendes has been given this honour, but honestly do we need a reason? No, we just a latte in a Shawn Mendes cup, stat.

In an old tweet we uncovered, Mendes wrote, “TimHortons is my HQ”. It was written in 2012, which would make the Grammy nominee about 14 at the time so it’s been a long-running love affair with the brand, apparently.

This news comes after a successful week for the Toronto native having won Best Collaboration for Señorita with maybe-girlfriend Camila Cabello at the 2019 VMAs. He also tormented Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas (as well as Taylor Swift and Bebe Rexha) with a steamy rendition of the song that included no kiss between the rumoured couple.

Plus, news of a dedicated cup follows just weeks after the Madame Tussaud’s museum in Berlin unveiled a new wax figure of the star which has been made lying down so that visitors can get a photo taken to look as though they’re laying in a technicoloured field with the star. 2019 truly is the year of Shawn Mendes.

We’ll see you all in line Friday.