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Photography by Renata Kaveh.

Toronto-Based Brand Cuchara is Making Jewellery to Invest In

“I want things to have more of a life span,” says designer Edilou Canedo.

We’re all looking for ways to consume style goods more mindfully right now; and it’s something that jewellery brand Cuchara’s founder has been thinking about for years. “In terms of new pieces, [I’ve] been focused on staples and building from there,” says Edilou Canedo, who launched the brand in 2014 with a selection of necklaces crafted with vintage silver spoons.

Canedo—a Sagittarius with Capricorn rising—continues her use of vintage in an assortment of the brand’s rejuvenated, limited edition Zodiac pendants which are available exclusively on Cuchara’s website. “I’ve always been into astrology,” she says of her happiness at discovering a box of the retro treasures while visiting one of her suppliers. “It was an exciting find. They weren’t polished or plated; now they have a whole new aesthetic and beauty to them.”

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The designer has also mined her musical influences in naming items from Cuchara’s Ideal collection; you’ll find Etta (James), Patti (Smith) and Stevie (Nicks) honoured amongst what Canedo describes as pieces that aren’t part of a trend, and will last beyond a season. “These artists, in my mind, will never go out of style,” she says, adding that this timeless quality “goes hand-in-hand” with the notion of stalwart styles like the links, chains and other enduring designs she creates. “They’re pieces that can be worn alone, simply, and can also layer to create a bit more of a statement. There are also pieces to wear different ways.”

Canedo notes that the newer offerings from Cuchara have evolved from the “sparkly moment” her collections have had in the past. “There’s nothing too extravagant or glam and glitzy,” she says. “They’re wearable on the daily.” And this decision to focus on more effortlessly wearable items comes at the ideal time.

When asked for her take on the recent announcements from various figures in the fashion world when it comes to the runway calendar and production scale, Canedo voices her optimism at the news. “It’s exciting that people are finally talking about these issues on a mass scale,” she says. “It’s about time.” Having studied fashion design before launching Cuchara, Canedo notes that the industry’s contribution to waste “wasn’t something I wanted to be part of.” Now, she finds inspiration and motivation in the small-scale creation and potential for reuse found in jewellery design.

She’s also finding encouragement in the outpouring of #shoplocal attention she’s received since the COVID-19 quarantine began. “I feel like people have been really supportive and are being really considerate about where they shop,” Canedo says. “I’m so grateful that I’m someone in my close circle who is surviving and thriving.”

CUCHARA is one of the brands taking part in the Wear Canada Proud Online Shopping Event, presented by FASHION and CAFA, from June 16-17. Click here for more information.

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