Sick of flower crowns? 7 new and improved festival outfit ideas from our Style Panel

new festival outfit ideas
new festival outfit ideas

Toronto’s super hip Field Trip Festival is taking place this coming weekend, which means music festival season is soon upon us (hello festival fashion!). There’s no question we’re hard core fans when it comes to summer’s popular trend (here’s proof), but with festival style outfits making a coming back every year, you have to admit that the look is getting a little played out. So how do you stand out from the festival crowd amidst the crop tops, flower crowns and fringe-clad outfits? In addition to the street style edition of how-to do festival fashion, this week we challenged our Style Panel to share how they plan to get heads turning with new festival outfit ideas.

Though some versions of festival outfits may not be for everyone, Northern Style Exposure’s Kira Paran proves that there’s a festive outfit for everyone. Mixing a sequined dress with a cool denim shirt, Paran maintains the festival look while feeling comfortable in her own skin. While Sasha Xiao of Sasha’s Satisfashion and Christopher Wolf of Wolf Musings stayed away from the festival fashion dress code adding their own unique personality to their outfits with tips on how to transition from day to night, our newest Style Panel member Emma Walker of With A City Dream, showed us how to work an effortless-meets-practical festival look with this season’s must-have: the backpack.

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new festival outfit ideas sasha

Sasha Xiao, 25
Toronto | Sasha’s Satisfashion

With all kinds of music festivals approaching, I’d like to share some tips with you. First of all, you should wear something sheer and comfortable. The temperature could get very hot, sticky and humid, so it’s better to wear something light and breathable. Secondly, choose comfortable shoes. Looking stylish doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Pumps are not recommended (trust me, I learned my lesson through the hard way). Flats and chunky heels are making a comeback this season, so hey, why not take advantage of that? In addition, you may also want to consider putting on a hat. It’s not only one of the most incredible accessories to add a statement to an outfit, but also makes e a great sun protector.

Although it can be very hot and sticky during the day, it could also get a little bit chilly at night. So preparing yourself with a light pullover or jacket will help you make a smooth transition from day to night. Last but not least, you may want to go easy on accessories and leave your statement necklaces, layering rings and chunky bracelets at home because feeling distressful is the last thing you want when you might have to walk, stand or even jump all the time.

Sasha’s wearing: Hat, H&M. Blouse, Old Navy. Trench, Oak and Fort. Skirt, Costa Blanca. Boots, Call It Spring. Bag, Zara.

new festival outfit ideas christopher

Christopher Wolf, 23
Halifax | Wolf Musings

When I think of music festivals, I think of a celebration; a time to break rules and let loose. Ironically, there has come to be an unwritten “dress code” written by festival-goers themselves. Yes, you know it – band tees, heaps of fringe and flower crowns topping that list. My approach is to still be festive and fun with my look, but doing it in my own unique personality. I mixed fun patterns, and thought about versatility from day to evening. No one wants to be running back to their headquarters throughout the day and missing the action. So I brought along a cozy cardigan and wore shorts that I can roll up or down depending on the temperature.

new festival outfit ideas emma

Emma Walker, 17
Denver, CO | With A City Dream

Festival fashion is all about looking effortless while staying practical. My favorite way to do this is with a cute backpack. Instead of dragging around a purse a backpack lets you carry your camera, water and all festival must haves but in a more comfortable way. I love the tribal print of this bag I picked up while on a trip in Morocco.

My favorite way to style this backpack is with a lace top, leather shorts and a hat. The lace is so festival while the shorts add an unexpected edge. An oversized hat is a must have for a day in the sun and this one pulls all my pieces together.

Emma’s wearing: Hat, Target. Shorts, Forever 21. Top, Urban Outfitters. Ring, H&M.

new festival outfit ideas becky

Becky Kung, 30
Calgary | Velvet & Vino

I love the idea of this outfit for a music festival. I would likely swap out these heels for a pair of espadrilles flats so that I could stand and walk all day long.

There’s also something so fitting about a boho-inspired theme in the look for a music festival and this dress does just that. It feels free and fun, and by adding the layer of the denim skirt underneath, it adds contrast. I can’t wait for the next music festival!

Becky’s wearing: Dress, Kate Moss by Topshop. Skirt, Gap. Heels, Le Chateau. Satchel, Melie Bianco.

new festival outfit ideas kayla

Kayla Short, 26
Halifax | Short Presents

I kind of think of festival fashion the way I think of Halloween; I feel like you can sort of push the fashion boundaries a little more than usual. With this in mind I decided to wear my backless bodysuit with a great pair of cut off denim shorts. It’s pretty basic, but it does the trick. For no fuss hair I like the option of a twisted hair crown with some loose waves. And for hands free dancing (because let’s be honest I’m going to get my groove on) I make sure to tote my mini cross body!

Kayla’s wearing: Cross-body bag, Michael Kors. Bodysuit, American Apparel. Shorts, Old Navy. Sunnies, Joe Fresh. Necklace, Adorn By Sarah Lewis.

new festival outfit ideas sandy

Sandy Joe Karpetz, 25
Edmonton | The Pretty Secrets

Festival style, for me, is all about being functional and fashionable. This year I’m making a loud statement by power clashing. I stay comfortable by packing essentials such as a hat; the full skirt is both breezy and easy to sit down in.

Sandy’s wearing: Hat, The Nowhere Fast. Sunglasses, Ray-Ban. Top, Skirt, Vintage. Shoes, Zara. Bag, Amoeba.

new festival outfit ideas kira

Kira Paran, 29
Edmonton | Northern Style Exposure

I’ve found the music festival scene a little intimidating in the style department. Boho is so far from my style; in all honestly, I know I would not feel comfortable at a concert in a fringed cropped top. If you can pull off that look I applaud you, it’s just never been in my fashion repertoire. My alternative, is dressing down sequins with denim. I like the glitz of the sequins but the cool laid back feel of denim. It’s my perfect balance for festival season.

Kira’s wearing: Dress. J.Crew. Denim shirt, Madewell. Sandals, c/o Le Chateau. Bag, Coach. Bracelet, c/o Katie Bow Head. Sunglasses, Super.