15 stylish musicians
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21 Stylish Musicians We Want to See More of in 2021

Watch for major wardrobe inspo from these names next year.

No matter what musical genres you’re into, there’s a certain allure to the outfits musicians wear; they are a constant source of dress-up dreams. As we head into 2021, here are 21 stylish musicians (part of 15 musical acts in total) we hope will continue to capture our imaginations – and influence our closets – in the new year.

1. Lido Pimienta


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Freshly nominated for a Grammy award and recently appearing on Barack Obama’s list of fave tunes for the year, Toronto-based music-maker Lido Pimienta has a vibrant outfit outlook that’s totally uplifting – and who doesn’t need a bit of that at this point? We also love how open she is about breastfeeding her baby, so fellow moms can take note of her nursing style hacks!

2. Steve Lacy


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Fronting a Moncler campaign and being a favourite of brands like Loewe has solidified California R n’ B-pop savant Steve Lacy’s status as a style icon; in fact, we’re still not over their Comme Des Garçons kilt look from the Grammys earlier this year. Lacy also has a fashion-focused platform called FitVomit, which is set to launch soon.

3. Laura Lee of Khruangbin


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Khruangbin vocalist and bassist Laura Lee isn’t afraid of a little – or a lot – of razzle dazzle. Sequins and beads, rainbow textures, pops of accessories, structured suiting and sky-high heels are all part of her signature style.

4. Jeremy Dutcher


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Classically trained composer and operatic tenor Jeremy Dutcher has never shied away from a key fashion moment, like the glam, (literally) statement-making ensemble worn to last year’s Junos that featured pieces by Toronto-based label Zoffranieri and Edmonton’s Luxx; the lining of Dutcher’s cape featured Cree syllabics which said, “We will succeed”.

5. Nubya Garcia


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London-based saxophonist, composer and band leader Nubya Garcia’s style boasts an irreverent mix of athleisure pieces, jumpsuits and eye-catching accessories including adornments to her ultra-long hair braid. Look to her for up-and-coming British brands to put on your radar.

6. Talvi Faustmann


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Set to release her first solo album early next year, Toronto-based singer-songwriter Talvi Faustmann has caught the eye of many photographers and brands thanks to her makeup and sartorial choices, which are decidedly modern yet a little retro, and even a bit otherworldly.

7. Wendy Shay


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Afropop singer Wendy Shay caused a major social sensation after recently sharing IG posts that appeared to show the Ghanian star tying the knot in tandem with the release of a new track, “Wedding Song”. What we can be sure of, authentic nuptials or not, is that Shay will continue to surprise with her style that seems largely based around mood – sometimes a tad sporty, other times super sensual.

8. Joshy Soul


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The ever-dapper singer-songwriter Joshy Soul is a study in crafting your own personal style by fusing different aesthetics to form a whole new vibe. One day he’s a little bit country, the next, a little bit sleek and minimalist – and his jewellery game is always extremely on-point.

9. Beverly Glenn Copeland

Just as it’s difficult to define the music of Beverly Glenn Copeland – “soothing, soaring life affirmations” is close – so too is it hard to put your finger on what makes his style so captivating. Maybe it’s the dash of print you’ll see on a shirt or tie; maybe it’s the pocket scarves; maybe it’s the charm of the watch he wears carabiner-style at his waist. It’s a combination that’s as visually potent as his music is rich.

10. Luna Li


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Multi-instrumentalist and singer Luna Li’s playful sense of style includes oversized earrings, juice-y hued hair, and a varied assortment of garments from disco-ball jumpsuits to the ethereal dress by Toronto brand, Local Woman, that she wore in the video for the song, “Afterglow”.

11. Rico Nasty


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Dagger-sharp nails, extreme accessorization and a willingness to experiment are the hallmarks of rapper Rico Nasty’s take-charge ensembles. Like the musical style icons of past eras, she’s cementing her own legacy by keeping us guessing about what she’ll wear next.

12. Ruth Patterson of Holy Moly and the Crackers


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As the lead singer of the British indie rock band, Ruth Patterson commands attention with her voice and her penchant for strong looks that incorporate bold accessories and romantic details. Showing a definite ’90s influence, berets and boots are particularly key to her wardrobe.

13. Tygapaw


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New York-based DJ and producer Tygapaw told FASHION that, “Personal style for me is all about expression and where I’m at in terms of my comfort in denouncing what society deems as conventional [and] expressing myself, especially when it comes to my gender—or non-gender. There’s an evolution that’s in progress.” And with the release of their new album last month, we’ll continue to watch this evolution as it happens.

14. Everglow

Like the iconic group acts before them, the five members of K-Pop sensation Everglow – E:U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha and Yiren – define their personal style through slight variations in their stage wear. Following their social channels, though, you’ll get more of a glimpse of how each singer approaches their individual aesthetic.

15. Crown Lands


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Kevin Comeau and Cody Bowles of Crown Lands might first catch your attention thanks to their fabulous hair; but then you’ll quickly take notice of their ability to keep a ’70s style vibe fresh, especially when they mix psychedelic accents with more modern silhouettes.

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