Ami Vega nail art
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This Nail Artist is Helping Women Inspire Social Change Through Their Manicures

Ami Vega is bringing a whole new meaning to "statement nails."

We’ve seen a ton of creative nail trends — from the uber-cool wire nails to to negative space creations and, of course, those WTF succulent nails — but there’s one form of nail art that’s really resonating with us because of the important message it makes.

Manicurist Ami Vega is currently using her nail artistry skills to help her clients express their views on social issues like racial equality, feminism and cultural pride. Her socially-conscious designs include images related to the Black Lives Matter movement, gay pride, feminism and the recent Women’s March in Washington.

According to The Huffington Post, Vega sees wearing your values on your fingertips as a way to go “into the real world and start real conversations face-to-face, to make an impact and to push your thoughts and views so you can get them out there and get them seen.”

“I think my nail art, as far as what is going on now, is a reflection of what’s going on in society and what my clients want,” the Dominican American told the publication. “I’m a story teller of what my clients are kind of going through, feeling and thinking.”

And while the New York native realizes the designs aren’t forever, she says, “the moment [my clients] live the message they got across for whatever reason is forever gonna be in our memories.”

Though these “woke” manicures may seem like a small way to make your voice heard, that doesn’t make them any less powerful. This socially conscious nail art is more than just a trend, it’s part of a bigger movement of people spreading important messages that the world needs now more than ever. Statement-making statement nails? Count us in.

Check out more of Ami’s work below.

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