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Succulent Nails Are the Latest Instagram Trend (They’re Exactly What They Sound Like)

How do you change your tampon with these on?

We’ve seen some pretty crazy beauty trends on Instagram (#crystallips, #highlighterchallenge, #bubblenails – you get the idea). So you would think nothing could make us SMH anymore, until we came across succulent nails. Before you start thinking they’re just some intricately drawn nail art design, let us stop you right there and tell you that it’s not.

Taking the term ‘green thumb’ to a whole new level, Australian artist and succulent lover Roz Borg of Arozona came up with the idea that the much-loved plant doesn’t need to be limited to home decor. According to The Huffington Post, with the help of a floral adhesive (she uses Oasis), she simply sticks the baby succulents onto a fake nail and then attach the design to her real nail. Ta-da! You can now grow plants on your nail beds.

As fun of a pastime as this may sound, we’re not totally convinced this is going to be trending any time soon. Not only is it the most impractical beauty trend we’ve seen since #pompomnails, it’s also not so easy on the eyes. Sure, succulents may be the most Insta-worthy plant on the platform, but sorry, we’re going to stick to regular ol’ nail art, thank you very much.

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