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This New Korean Trend is Nail Art For People Who Hate Nail Art

First glass nails, then bracelets nails, and now wire nails. Is there a design Park Eunkyung, the Insta-famous Korean nail artist behind Unistella can’t tackle? Judging by her extensive repertoire, it’s safe to say: nope. It’s only been a few months since we last met with the nail art extraordinaire and Park’s latest design, wire nails, is already causing quite the frenzy in the online beauty world. Since she’s previously mentioned that inspiration is all around, we caught up with Park to find out what her latest obsession is and how it led her to her latest double tap-worthy design.

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“When you make neon signs, you have to bend the wires to make certain letters. And the way you use one wire to bend and create words really attracted me,” she told us. “Since nail art can be seen as accessories people wear, I wanted [it to be] just like a ring. It’s not too much, but still impactful. At first it can be seen as a little unusual, but when you think of it as a piece of jewellery, it’s easier for people to understand.”

While it may look like there’s not much to wire nails, she did express some of challenges behind the creation, including giving the wire a nice finish and designing it to fit nails perfectly. After a few failed attempts of using different materials like coloured fishing wire, she finally settled on thin gold wires she found at her local bead shop.

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While it’s her ethereal designs that have sky rocketed her to Instagram fame, Park confesses she rarely does her own nails and if she does, she’s a minimalist nail art fan at heart, so she believes her most recent design is the answer for those who dislike nail art.

“People who hate nail art usually hate it because they prefer neat, clean, bare nails,” says Park. “But they would still get some basic nail care done, right? Wire nail art checks all those boxes. It’s totally minimalist.”

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So what’s next on her mind? Neon.

“I started this whole wire nail art hoping to create neon sign nails, so I really hope to achieve that one day.” We hope so, too. And when she does, we’ll be all over it.