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Dermalogica Canada is the Latest Brand to Launch Virtual Consultations

You can now get expert advice without having to leave the house (and for free!).

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our lives more than anything we’ve ever experienced before. With most of the world practicing social distancing measures or under complete lockdown, we’ve all had to change the way we do just about everything. From working from home (and needing to be Zoom-ready at all times) to exercising in our living rooms and becoming our own hair stylists and manicurists, it’s been a period of adjustment. For brands, too. As stores are shut indefinitely, many brands have shifted the ways in which they interact with consumers – for many, this means connecting with them in ways they never have before. Enter online beauty consultations: with everyone at home and glued to their phones more than ever (who knew that was possible), a handful of brands are now bringing their experts directly to their consumer’s homes to chat product and regimen recommendations. I myself have a FaceTime consult with a facialist next week to try and work out why my skin is taking this time of no makeup and increased water intake to revolt and return me to my teenage years. If you’re also looking for a little guidance (or perhaps just a friendly face to have a chat with about beauty products – that’s fine too), here are eight brands offering online beauty consultations:

Dermalogica Canada

From today, the skincare gurus at Dermalogica Canada will be available for free 30-minute virtual consultations.  During the appointment, the certified skin therapist will conduct the brand’s face mapping skin analysis before speaking with you about your skin concerns and overall goals. From there, they’ll be able to recommend a custom skincare routine to address your needs and help your skin be at its best.

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Province Apothecary

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Toronto’s Province Apothecary – which recently released its own hand sanitizer – has announced the launch of a new virtual consultation platform for both new and existing customers. There are four different consultations on offer: a 25-minute returning client consultation, a 25-minute first time client consultation, a 20-minute returning client check-in appointment and a 15-minute virtual product recommendation session. Prices begin at $10 (depending on the type of consultation) and some of them include a custom serum based on the results of your consultation. So whether you’re looking to get in touch with your regular skin specialist, or considering a change to a green beauty routine, there’s an option for you.

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Beginning today, Canadian brand Deciem is launching DECIEM AT HOME, a new virtual consultation tool to help customers get the same level of care and advice they would in store, but from home instead. The DECIEM AT HOME chat can be accessed via the website (as well as via Google location listings). Once connected, you’ll be automatically matched with the nearest store ambassador (to ensure pricing and product info is as accurate as possible) to whom you can ask any questions you might have. Plus, you might just see a familiar face!

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Dr. Barbara Sturm

online beauty consultations
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Celebrity facialist Dr. Barbara Sturm (she invented the ‘vampire’ facial and counts Kim Kardashian West, Shanina Shaik and Hailey Bieber among her clients) has become a go-to resource for many skincare junkies during quarantine. In addition to hosting regular chats with her celebrity clientele to talk through skin woes and answer follower questions, Sturm is also hosting masterclasses and teenage skincare workshops each week to help answer any questions people may have related to skin. She talks about the benefits of her products of course, but also offers an incredible wealth of knowledge around ingredients and skin health in general. Sturm and her team of facialists around the globe are now also taking FaceTime consultations with people. For 20 minutes, you can chat with an aesthetician about your current skincare regime, what is and isn’t working and the expert can advise you on next steps or which products to continue using or ditch. Sounds like 20 minutes well spent.

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online beauty consultations
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Buzzy American beauty brand Glossier announced it was launching a new program called Glossier Live Edit last week. The purpose? To connect customers with a Glossier team member for a personal, one-to-one appointment to chat through concerns, ask questions and have a fun chat about beauty for 15 minutes. The program initially launched with 150 spots which filled up almost immediately however in an Instagram post the brand says it working on making more appointments available.

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online beauty consultations
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Montreal’s Etiket boutique and spa has long been a go-to for beauty lovers in the city and beyond in Canada. And although you can’t currently pop in for a facial, you can book a free, 45-minute long appointment with one of its specialists to discuss any skin concerns you might have. The store caters to both and women, and the booking process is incredibly simple. It’s the perfect way to spend a lunch break or have a little me-time.

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Maker of excellent face mists and all-round beautiful products, Caudalie is also getting in on the virtual consultation game. Available now, the brand is offering personalized skincare advice based on clients’ existing routines and any changes they’d like to make. The appointments will be available in English and French, and will be available five days a week, with 20 minute appointments available between 9am and 5pm.

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Missing the unmistakeable scent of a Lush store? Well, you may not be able to mimic that part of the brand’s in-store experience however you can chat with one of their super friendly managers starting from next week. Simply book an appointment online, and on the brand’s store managers will call you at your chosen time to answer questions and offer suggestions around self-care at this time.

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Bookmark the brand’s Canadian website to be the first to know when the appointments become available.