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Hailey Bieber Says Her Skin is Better When She’s in Canada

The model revealed that her time spent social distancing in Canada has been great for her skin.

It’s no secret that Hailey and Justin Bieber are spending their days social distancing in Canada. Shortly before the borders between Canada and the US closed, the Biebers decided to hole up in their Ontario home for the foreseeable future and as it turns out, the decision has proved to be particularly good for Hailey’s skin.

In a recent online masterclass with Dr. Barbara Sturm, the bareMinerals ambassador shared some of her skincare secrets and revealed that Canada’s fresh air plays a key role in keeping her skin sane. “My skin actually stays a lot better in Canada with less issues, than when I’m in a bigger city where there is more pollution like New York or Los Angeles,” she shared. The model also added that she likes to keep her skincare routine fairly simple and that she has never once fallen asleep with her makeup on. “I know a lot of people who forget, they fall asleep with their makeup on, but let me just say this: Even at my drunkest I’ve never fallen asleep with makeup on my face.”

She also shared that husband Justin is battling adult acne, and that she has Perioral dermatitis which means that “certain products irritate my skin, giving me a horrible itchy rash around my mouth and eyes.” As a result, she avoids products that are heavily fragranced “as it’s too much on the skin.”

Skincare is clearly something the 23-year old is passionate about. During a recent Instagram live on Justin’s account, she hinted that her own skincare line could potentially be in the works in the future. “My mom and my grandma have taken really good care of their skin. They taught me the importance of skincare. It’s all about how you eat, how you take care of [your skin] – there will be some things in the future from me that have to do with skincare.” Watch this space.

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