Photography courtesy of Etiket

Inside the Tata Harper Treatment Room at Montreal’s Etiket Boutique

Tucked away inside a longtime go-to for in-the-know Montrealers, the spa is the only one of its kind in Canada

“Let me know if you experience any irritation,” Emmanuel Vollant says in a soothing whisper, as she spreads a ginger-infused Tata Harper mask onto my face. “Just because these products are natural, doesn’t mean they aren’t extremely potent.” Vollant, a specialized aesthetician with the brand—whose most recent post was much farther south, at a Tata Harper signature spa in Turks and Caicos—is applying one of many steps in the Signature Facial at Etiket’s Tata Harper treatment room. The first and only one of its kind in Canada, the space launched in April and was designed by Harper herself, the result of ongoing collaboration between both parties. Later this month, on October 18 and 19, Tata Harper aesthetician Nik Garcia will be on-hand for a special event to launch the brand’s new Supernaturals Collection, offering a 45-minute facial featuring products from the line. According to Etiket’s president, Simon Tooley, the spa was the natural extension of a longstanding relationship between the skincare brand and the Montreal beauty destination.

“Etiket is 8 years old and we’ve been carrying Tata Harper since the spring of 2012, so it’s been with us since the beginning,” explains Tooley. “It was pretty close to Tata’s beginnings and we were one of her first Canadian accounts. We really connected and she understood who we were and what we were all about.” Etiket has been a go-to for Montrealers seeking the best in skincare, and has been moving more in the direction of clean beauty along with the changing tide of the beauty industry. “As clean beauty has evolved, we evolved with it,” says Tooley. “Seven years ago, we didn’t have the understanding we have now.” Still, the products and treatments at the Golden Square Mile shop are very much anchored in results, putting the Tata Harper spa at that cross-section of those interests. “Yes, we want you to feel good, but if you’re coming to treat something, we want to help you treat it.”

Photography courtesy of Etiket

Massage figures heavily in the Signature Facial I experience here, and each product is tailored to my particular skincare needs. Vollant uses a trifecta of cleansers (Nourishing Oil Cleanser, Purifying Cleanser, and Regenerating Cleanser) to remove surface level impurities, deep cleanse and exfoliate, plus some light steaming and extraction. Next, following a few calming spritzes of the popular Hydrating Floral Essence, she applies the Purifying Mask—the aforementioned ginger-infused treatment, which does impart a warming tingle to my skin—for 15 minutes. That’s followed up with a full facial massage, using the Beautifying Face Oil and carried out with first a 24-karat gold bar, then a gua sha stone. Next comes a layer of Contouring Eye Balm and the Resurfacing Mask, also left on for 15 minutes.

Finally, Vollant applies a layer of Boosted Contouring Serum, the Elixir Eye Vitae, Hyaluronic Gel Moisturizer and a touch of Be Adored Tinted Lip Treatment. The hour-long treatment begins and ends with three deep breaths of essential oils and, on the whole, it ranks higher on the relaxing scale than any massage I’ve had. But Tooley’s words hold true, too: my skin looks radiant and lifted, with none of that post-extraction redness one might normally expect. “There’s a science behind what’s in those products,” he says. “Tata is very much about that.”

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