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Everything You Need to Know About Glossier Brown

We write about Glossier a lot around here. Since the brand’s launch back in 2014, it’s become synonymous with a lot of things that are buzzy in the beauty industry—millennial pink, versatile products, a skin-first approach, crowdsourcing and Instagram smarts. Between launching in Canada last year, somehow getting BEYONCE (!!!) to wear Glossier to the Grammys, and debuting products in innovative ways, founder Emily Weiss has been very busy.

And throughout it all, Glossier has maintained a diverse approach to representation in its campaigns, but art and design student Devin McGhee saw a need for more.

“Glossier does a great job remaining inclusive with their campaigns and advertisements, but regardless of which brand and products, I always conduct my own research prior to making my first purchase,” McGhee told Teen Vogue.

“At the time, I only found a handful of black and brown YouTubers showcasing how they use Glossier products, but I knew there were more women of colour out there using them, and it was important that the world got to see that.”

As a Glossier rep, McGhee began to receive questions about the Glossier shades she used, including comments like: “Omgggg I’ve been following & wanting @glossier for SO long,” wrote one commenter. “But never ordered anything because I could never decide what would work on my skin! I am so excited to find this page.” McGhee uses @glossierbrown to showcase women of colour, of all different skin tones, wearing Glossier products, allowing WOC an easier time to pick and choose the products and shades that might work for them.

Since launching in the summer, @glossierbrown has amassed over 1500 followers, including Emily Weiss and the Glossier account.