Glitter roots are taking over Instagram (so you should obviously try them)

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I feel like a space alien princess ? #glitterroots

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If you’ve been absent from Instagram (is that really even possible?), there’s a new unconventional beauty trend in town and it’s taking over: #glitterroots. Probably the most sneakily practical of all the gram-friendly trends, glitter roots were born out of the need to conceal the look of overgrowth. Clever, yes. Gorgeous? Yes, yes, yes! Not to brag but we covered this look back in March, tutorial and all. Whether you are waiting for a touch-up appointment at the salon, are just plain lazy (and/or broke), or looking for something fun to experiment with, glitter roots may just be the way to go. For materials, you’ll need glitter (you can even combine a few different types for a more drastic effect) and a clear hair gel or putty of some sort (this will act as an adhesive). From here, all you have to do is slather and rake the gel onto your roots, and make that glitter rain. However, the removal process looks like the worst thing ever, so we recommend erring on the side of caution when applying the shimmery stuff on your strands (start off using a light hand). As comedian Demetri Martin once declared: “glitter is the herpes of craft supplies.” And we definitely agree with him on that.

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glitter makes me happy ✨ #glitterroots

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