Underbrow glitter is rainbow brows’ prettier, more sophisticated older sister

underbrow glitter
Photography via Instagram.com/instabeautygal

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We became obsessed with underbrow glitter the moment Gigi Hadid rocked the expensive brow bone look for Giambattista Valli during Paris Fashion Week last season. But seeing the trend on Instagram is getting us super pumped to wear it IRL.

Yes, we know there’s a new beauty trend out every day, but unlike some of them (see rainbow eyelashes and lipstick art) you can actually wear this one without turning heads. The look is fun, unique and super easy to pull off: one swipe of glittery eyeliner under your brow bone and you, too, can look like Gigi Hadid. And isn’t that the dream?

Scroll through our gallery for some major underbrow glitter inspo.

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