What was your best facial ever? Our editors share theirs

best facial
Photoraphy via fourseasons.com

As cooler temperatures approach and the sparkle of summer begins to fade, so does that seasonal glow we’ve been pairing with our barely there makeup look. We applied all the sunscreen we could possible lather on, but sometimes that just isn’t enough and we need to give our faces a little extra attention. Facials are a a great way to kick off fall and put your best foot face forward. But the lingering question remains: where to go and what to get? With countless options and the uncertainty of knowing what it is our skin truly needs to get back to its regular radiating self it can take the excitement out of the whole experience.

Sure, there’s always a new trendy ingredient like placenta or snail extract that we all just “have to try” but what about the tried and true ones we’ve come to know and love? A good steam and deep extractions may be all we really need. As the questions begin to mount so does our confusion (which is doing nothing for our complexion). So instead of choosing blind or leaving it up to Google, we checked in with our editors to see what their best face pampering experience was.

See our editors’ picks of their best facials ever.

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