Here’s why you should put placenta on your face: Introducing our favourite Holika Holika sheet mask

holika holika placenta mask sheet

We love sheet masks. They’re an integral part of the Korean beauty routine that we adore because of their ability to intensely moisturize skin in 10 minutes. We also love putting weird stuff on our faces, like pig collagen and fake eyebrows. Our latest obsession from Korean beauty brand (and weird stuff connoisseurs) Holika Holika is the Prime Youth Placenta Sheet Mask. Don’t freak out. Let us explain.

The nutrients in placenta (we used vegetal but human placenta works, too, if you have some readily available) help to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin. The ingredients also promote cell turnover in the skin, lighten scars and smooth out wrinkles when used regularly. But every skin product claims to do all of those things, right?

Here’s why we can honestly say that we’ll be using Holika Holika’s $10 Prime Youth Placenta Sheet Mask again: first of all, it smells incredible. Containing fruit extract, sweet almond and jojoba oils, we left it on for longer than we were supposed to (oops) because we couldn’t bring ourselves to peel the scented mask off. Secondly, it doesn’t tingle (like Dragon’s blood does, for example) but it does feel incredibly cool and refreshing on skin.

And finally, it left our skin feeling ultra hydrated and smooth. So much so that we didn’t need to moisturize before bed or the next morning. *Prayer hands emoji*

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