8 Beauty Panel members on the face mask trend + which ones they consider must-haves

beauty panel face masks

It’s safe to say that face masks have fully integrated themselves into our skincare routine. Gone are the days of occasional DIY masks made of stuff from our fridge! These days, face masks make regular appearances in the form of sheets, gels and clay. We’re on a (seemingly) never-ending quest to find our favourites, and along the way we’ve discovered new ingredients like placenta and pig collagen that have been as kind to our skin as they have been fun to talk about.

We asked our Beauty Panel which face masks have earned regular spots in their skincare regimen. Read on to find out!

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beauty panel face masks

Mikayla Tran
Toronto | Beauty Echoes Magazine

I’ve always been a firm believer in taking care of my skin at night time with an equal amount of prudence as I do getting ready in the morning. After all, it just seems logical to use the same amount of time cleansing and restoring the skin as we do spend covering it with foundation and makeup, right? To amp up my cleansing ritual, I love using a face mask at least twice a week to help decongest my skin. Recently I have been using Pai’s Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask. This ultra-hydrating mask transforms my tired and lacklustre skin with deeply nourishing ingredients like Rosehip oil and strawberry leaf extract. Omega-rich Rosehip fruit and seed extracts revitalise dry and dull skin, but what I love most about Rosehip is that it contains high concentrations of pro-vitamin A, Carotenoids and Omegas that all work harmoniously together to help deliver intensive and immediate hydration.

Pai’s Rapid Radiance Mask has a unique texture, unlike any clay mask I’ve used before, this buttery cream consistency glides on the skin with sheerness, but don’t let the light formula fool you – this wonder-mask is known to relieve stress-induced conditions such as acne and dermatitis. Alternatively, if you’re used to the thicker clay mask formula, but still want the ultra-nourishing effects of Pai’s Rapid Radiance Mask, try blending the two together for an extra boost of hydration or add a few drops of Pai’s Rosehip BioRegenerate oil into your usual face mask. I love quality skin care brands that have versatile products!

Products Used: Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask

beauty panel face masks

Colleen Conroy
Montreal | Blush Rouge

Face masks are a wonderful way to give your skin a little extra TLC. Whether you want to detoxify, rehydrate, or brighten, there is an amazing array of face masks out there to choose from!

When it comes to skincare lines I have a serious bond with one in particular: Éminence Organic Skin Care is a beautiful line produced out of Hungary (with the main office in Vancouver, BC) that uses natural and organic ingredients. They have a huge range of products to suite any need. Many of their products are even vegan and gluten-free! And get this: Eminence is so committed to green practices that for every product sold, they plant a tree in one of 19 developing countries throughout the world (as of November 2014 they have planted over 3 million trees!).

When I want to have a mini spa session at home, I usually start by doing a bit of light exfoliating with sugar, honey, and warm water. After I rinse that off, I apply my face mask of choice. Here I am using Éminence Organic Red Current Rapid Infusion Masque. It has a mixture of yummy ingredients such as red current, elderflower, magnolia bark, and grape seed oil. Since all of the Éminence products are amazingly potent, it is recommended to emulsify a small amount of the masque in your hand with a few drops of water. Apply evenly on your face and leave on for a few minutes before gently scrubbing it off in circular motions with a warm face cloth. This face mask in particular leaves your skin ultra soft, looking both radiant and purified. Pores are reduced and skin is extremely nourished. Perfect to use after a long, cold winter to get you ready for the change of season! To finish off the routine I then apply my daily moisturizer, Éminence Organic Grape Antioxidant Serum and voilà! My skin feels brand new!

Products Used: Organic cane sugar, Organic honey, Éminence Organic Red Current Rapid Infusion Masque, Éminence Organic Grape Antioxidant Serum

beauty panel face masks

Jenn Fong
Toronto | A Beautiful Zen

There’s nothing quite as frightening as running into someone with a sheet mask. My boyfriend has been startled a few times when rounding a corner so I’ve learned to announce, “I’m wearing a mask!” in warning. Being tapped into the Asian beauty scene means sheet masks and I have been friends for a very long time. My staples always come from the Taiwanese brand My Beauty Diary. Though I’ve dabbled in a variety of Asian options, the MBD masks are always high quality. If you’re in Canada, you can buy these at your local Asian mall/area and at T&T. If you’re familiar with Asian beauty websites, you can buy these off Sasa.com.

My Beauty Diary Masks are wonderfully thick, always saturated in serum and my favourite is the Aloe Mask which has solved super-dry winterized skin like no other. I always find sheet masks the easiest to use. You don’t need to wash anything off and you don’t need to get your hands dirty applying cream products to your face.

When I need something purifying, I will use a clay mask (I really like the ones from Vietnam based Vedette) and when I need some overnight help I have a few moisturizing options (the Korean based Sulwahsoo Overnight Vitalizing Mask is a favourite) but I always end up returning to the MBD masks in general. If you do prefer masks that need to be washed off Korean based SkinFood makes a number of really affordable mask options. The wash off Rice Mask has been great for smoothing and softening my skin.

Products mentioned: My Beauty Diary Aloe Mask, Vedette Clay Masks, Sulwahsoo Overight Vitalizing Mask, SkinFood Wash Off Rice Mask

beauty panel face masks

Emily Chan

Like any painters who can appreciate a fresh canvas, our face also needs to be prepped regularly. I find that the best way to keep your skin fresh is to apply a sheet mask, at least, on a weekly basis. I have tried sheet masks from many brands from many different countries, but I still go back to this one by FaceQ because of its wide range of sheet masks for any skin imperfections. This brand of sheet masks are from Taiwan and is created by the same company as My Beauty Diary. What is so unique about these masks is that they use only pure and natural ingredients with no artificial colouring agent. The mask sheet is made 100% wood pulp which allows more water and essence retention compared to normal mask sheets. On top, this specific mask that I have on, Ellagic Acid Brightening and Firming Mask, has an extra section on the bottom that treats the neck as well. Lastly, these masks are super affordable at your local Asian supermarkets such as T&T.

Product Used: FaceQ Ellagic Acid Brightening and Firming Mask

beauty panel face masks

Maggie Ng
Toronto | Beauty PhD

So I have a really odd situation with my skin. It’s a combination type — Oily in the T-zone with Normal to Dry for the rest of my face. My pores definitely clog up easily on a daily basis and I also have very dehydrated skin, especially during the winter! I’m also slightly sensitive and even though I’m not a teenager anymore, I still break out. With all these different issues, I’ve had my fair share of trying a plethora of different face masks!

To exfoliate my clogged pores, I love using clay-based masks. I was using Lancome’s Pure Empreinte Masque (AKA Purifying Mineral Mask with White Clay) for the longest time. I’ve recently switched to something a bit more on the natural side, using Province Apothecary’s Detoxifying + Clarifying Clay Mask with Glacial Clay and Maple Syrup. Both work well and I only use them on my T-zone, which is my most problematic area.

During winter, my skin gets uber dry, so even though I still need to exfoliate, I will often use a moisturizing mask. This past winter, I used Dermalogica’s Skin Hydrating Masque. I wasn’t crazy about the scent of the product, but it worked well and my skin wasn’t as dry and flaky as usual.

Ever since my bridal makeup client told me she used moisturizing paper masks before her wedding to get that nice glow in her skin, I’ve grown a huge fondness of them now! I’ve used brands ranging from Perfective Ceuticals, Montagne Jeunesse and Holika Holika to name a few. They all have different price ranges, but generally work about the same. I love how you can throw a paper mask on your face and just continue with your day. And then 15-30 minutes later, you remove the mask and ooh, your skin suddenly feels so soft and smooth!

Product used : Holika Holika Lavender Tea Mask Sheet

beauty panel face masks

Natalie Davis
Montreal | Ivory Avenue

I think it’s pretty safe to say that face masks are my favourite part of skincare. They are just so fun! I wish I had time to try out every face mask in the world, but that’s obviously not possible.

I have problem combination skin, and I use face masks to combat blemishes (and the soreness that comes with them!). I often opt for clay masks, and I especially love the tea tree variety. Any mask that claims to help with breakouts, regulating oiliness or just general help, I’ll try it.

A recent mask treatment I’ve started doing is double masking. It sounds strange, but it’s really simple: use two masks, one right after the other. My favourite combination is to use a detoxifying clay mask (which can sometimes be a little harsh on the skin) and follow it up with a super nourishing and moisturizing mask. This combination leaves my skin feeling both happy and healthy, and it’s so fun mixing and matching the treatments.

Products used: Masque Bar by Look Beauty Anti-Blemish Mud Mask

beauty panel face masks

Alexa Lowe
Montreal | Stealing Beauty

Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant is a balancing mask, and quite possibly the ugliest mask I’ve ever tried. Seriously, there is no way to look cute with this stuff on, but all that matters are the results! Just pretend it’s chocolate.

This mask is perfect for my oily combination skin as it contains yeast extract, lactic acid, cucumber extract, amino acids, vitamin B and a whole lot of other goodness. Though, yeast does not have the most pleasant scent, it works at reducing oil production and cleaning out dirty pores.

When I am feeling too lazy to wash this bad boy off, I use the mask as a spot treatment for pimples and brown spots from receding breakouts. The Masque Vivant is wonderful for breakouts and post breakout marks because the lactic acid helps accelerate skin turnover rate.

Furthermore, unlike other exfoliating masks, this one from Biologique Recherche does not sting, itch or irritate the skin so long as you are not allergic to the ingredients.

beauty panel face masks

Stephanie Lau
Toronto | Fun Size Beauty

Sheet masks are all the rage but nothing new. They’ve been on the Asian markets for years and it seems as though North American beauty companies have been picking up on the trend.

My favourite sheet masks are from My Beauty Diary. They’re easily accessible at my local Asian supermarket (T&T) at $10 for 10 sheet masks. The reasonable price makes face masks a one or twice a week ritual.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying the brightening pearl line from My Beauty Diary. I have no idea what the packaging says, but I’m assuming that the benefits are bright, plump, glowing skin… and who wouldn’t want that?

Using masks are both a mental and physical experience. Since a soaking wet cloth is on my face, it’s hard to do anything other than lie down, close my eyes, and meditate a little. Add a couple cucumbers on top of my eyes and the sound of ocean waves in the background and I’ve got my own at-home spa. After 15 minutes with the mask on, my skin feels soft and plump, albeit a little wet from the “essence” of which the mask is soaked in.

Skincare and relaxation benefits aside, face masks are also very useful for scaring your loved ones late at night or taking flawless selfies.