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How to Motivate Yourself to Workout When It’s Freezing Outside

We went straight to an expert.

When your alarm goes off and it’s pitch black outside with the temperature hovering well below zero, getting out of bed to go and exercise is a big ask. But, given we’re faced with such weather for a (sadly) large part of the year, it’s important to learn certain tricks to help motivate yourself to move during the winter months. So, naturally, we went straight to an expert – Jennifer Lau, the co-owner of Fit Squad fitness studio in Toronto and a Nike Master Trainer. Read on for her five top tips to help inspire your exercise regime in the coming weeks.

1. Switch up your sets

Using the weather as a reason to change things up is a great opportunity to experience and learn new things to add to your training library. Personally I use the cold weather months to focus on strength training as I am less likely to be outdoors with conditioning workouts like running.

2. Sign up to a studio

Training indoors at a studio in the winter will keep you accountable and ensure your training does not lose momentum. [This is important] given that our winters can be quite long and our lifestyle can be quite sedentary as we may not walk to work, take outdoor lunch breaks and are less inclined to do outdoor activities, as a result.

3. Workout at home (or in your condo gym!)

Invest in a set of dumbbells or kettlebells for your home. These are very versatile and can be used for both strength and conditioning workouts. Download the Nike Training Club app for a variety of great workouts you can perform at home. There are a ton of workouts sorted by time, body part, strength or conditioning.

4. Set some goals and make a plan

Having a training plan and a training program will help keep you motivated. It is important to be working towards a goal. Maintaining consistency will yield better results. Once you build that routine you won’t hesitate to make time for a workout or training session. Take advantage of the cold months by planning a post-workout steam, or an active rest day with friends like snow-shoeing or skating.

5. Eat right

Don’t skip breakfast. Enjoy a breakfast every morning packed with protein and healthy fats. Doing so will help decrease cravings throughout the day as it helps to stabilize blood sugar levels. Through the winter months especially, you want to ensure you are taking your vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D is essential to immune and bone health.

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