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Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Just Launched a Podcast About Mental Well-Being

"Together we've created a podcast all about busting stigma, building grit, and empowering us all to foster our own well being," says Trudeau.

“There will be no taboo left behind,” Sophie Grégoire Trudeau promises in the introductory trailer to her new podcast, WE Well-being.

As an ambassador and ally for WE Charity’s Well-Being initiative, Trudeau has been working on this podcast for over a year, and released the first episode yesterday at the beginning of Mental Health Week here in Canada.

“Together we’ve created a podcast all about busting stigma, building grit, and empowering us all to foster our own well being,” says Trudeau. “Through this podcast my mission is to expand the way we think, talk and feel about mental well being.”

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I can share some exciting news today: After more than a year of preparation and story-sharing with inspiring Canadians, and on the first day of Mental Health Week, we are launching the WE WELL-BEING podcast. As we go through this pandemic and these uncertain times together, it’s important to reflect on our mental health and be there to support each other. Two remarkable women who understand the importance of that kind of reflection help us start the series: @tessavirtue17 and @mitsougelinas. To hear our talks and to subscribe to future episodes, click the link in my bio. Between you and me, it’s my sincere hope that you’ll take these conversations (and others in the weeks to come!) to heart and have more conversations on your own, with your friends and loved ones… because that’s how we will overcome our personal struggles and break down the stigma associated with mental health challenges. I can’t wait for you to listen and share your thoughts. ?? Je peux partager de bonnes nouvelles aujourd’hui : après plus d’un an de préparation et d’entrevues avec des Canadiennes et des Canadiens inspirants, et en ce début de la Semaine de la santé mentale, j’ai le plaisir d’animer le tout nouveau balado : UNIS Bien-être. Durant ces temps troublants de pandémie, on doit prendre soin de notre santé mentale et s’offrir du support. Deux femmes remarquables qui comprennent l’importance de ce type de réflexion nous aident à débuter la série : @tessavirtue17 et @mitsougelinas. Pour entendre nos discussions et vous abonner aux futurs épisodes, cliquez sur le lien dans ma bio. Entre vous et moi, j’espère du fond du cœur que ces conversations vous toucheront et que vous aurez de telles conversations, vous aussi, avec vos amis et vos proches… parce que c’est comme ça qu’on va réussir à surmonter ces moments difficiles et à combattre les préjugés. J’ai vraiment hâte que vous soyez à l’écoute et que vous me donniez vos commentaires.

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The inaugural episode, built around the theme of Overcoming the Negative and Achieving Self-Love, features an interview with Olympic figure skater Tessa Virtue, who spoke candidly about maintaining her physical and mental health as an athlete. It also features a chat with Megan Popovic, Director of Athlete Wellbeing and Performance for the Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club, who spoke about the upside of having uncomfortable conversations with your children.

With the entire world grappling with heightened levels of stress and anxiety during this unprecedented pandemic, the podcast couldn’t have come at a better time, offering listeners hands-on advice, tools and strategies to foster well-being in their lives. Future guests on Sophie Trudeau’s WE Well-Being podcast include her mother-in-law Margaret Trudeau, four-time Olympian Silken Laumann, mental health expert Michael Ungar and former NFL player Esera Tuaolo.

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