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19 Canadian Podcasts to Download and Listen to Right Now

From a podcast charting the evolution of hip-hop and R&B through the lens of Drake's career to one that deconstructs the "inappropriate questions" directed at people of certain communities.

Need a break from binge-watching TV? Looking for some entertainment while doing dishes for what seems like the millionth time since quarantine began? Check out these 19 Canadian podcasts that touch on things like identity, the culture of celebrity, the intersection of fashion and technology, beauty entrepreneurship, wellness and more.

Breaking Beauty
In this podcast, Canadian beauty editors Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins interview brand founders on how they made it in the business, and share intel on which new launches to buy and the ones to skip.

Show Your Work
Elaine “Lainey” Lui, founder of Lainey Gossip, and TV writer Duana Taha co-host this weekly podcast unpacking all the recent happenings in the world of celebrity and entertainment. Topics the two covered recently include the post-royal rebranding of Harry and Meghan, Reese Witherspoon’s media empire, and Jessica Simpson’s new memoir.

Dear Seekers
Toronto journalist and social media strategist Sasha Xiao began this podcast in 2018 as a means to connect with “curious, reflective and explorative souls,” seeking deep and honest conversations with a far-ranging roster of women. Recent guests include writer Harriet Alida Lye, wine connoisseur/entrepreneur Nicole Campbell, and store owner Zai Rajkotwala.

A Different Tweed
Hosted by Toronto-born, New York-based fashion journalist Bronwyn Cosgrave, this podcast “champions the craft of design,” interviewing artisans, designers, stylists and other fashion innovators. Most recently, she spoke with Billy Porter’s stylist, Sam Ratelle; Mark Bozek, the documentary filmmaker behind The Times of Bill Cunningham; and jewellery designer Annoushka Ducas.

Code Black
Founded by three women working at some of Canada’s biggest communications agencies, this podcast explores a range of topics—like cancel culture, imposter syndrome, and the intertwining of hair and identity—from the unique viewpoint of black communicators.

Fashion Talks
In this podcast, produced in partnership with the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards (CAFA), host Donna Bishop interviews designers, stylists and industry insiders about how fashion helps shape the world we live in and vice versa. Recent guests include Celine Dion’s stylist Annie Horth, fashion bloggers The Beckerman Twins and Joanna Griffiths, CEO of Knix.

Electric Runway
How Artificial Intelligence will affect the future of retail, the impact of automation on the fashion industry, and fashion’s contribution to climate change are just some of the topics explored by Toronto journalist Amanda Cosco in this podcast about fashion and technology.

The T-Zone
Founded by two Toronto-based beauty editors, Emily MacCulloch and Ingrie Williams, The T-Zone offers “digital beauty content that shares an upbeat POV with accessible advice.” Recent podcast interviewees include Lori Taylor Davis, global pro lead artist for Smashbox; Dr. Frauke Neuser, Principal Scientist at Olay; and Lilli Gordon, founder of First Aid Beauty.

Lemon Water
Toronto-based Michelle Siman launched Lemon Water with the goal to make wellness attainable, as opposed to “this pretentious thing that not everyone can access.” On the podcast, she invites women like Steph Gee of Gee Beauty, Hana James of Greenhouse Juice and Sara Panton of vitruvi to talk about all things fitness, food, skincare, remedies and rituals. “I’m just having conversations with women who are already my healers; people I looked up to in the industry,” Siman told FASHION last year.

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Retail Nightmares
Vancouver-based co-hosts Alicia Tobin and Jessica Delisle invite comedians, musicians and artists to chat about “hellish retail experiences” and many other topics. On the most recent episode, actress, model, storyteller and activist Cassandra James joined the podcast to discuss “ASMR, General Hospital and the hell dimension/patriarchy.”

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
On this podcast, award-winning Canadian barber Matty Conrad chats with fellow industry professionals about “interesting and divisive topics, sharing valuable advice on how to achieve success in a highly competitive field, and inspirational stories from the hair and beauty industry today.”

Beyond Soap Podcast
On this extension of her bestselling book, Beyond Soap, dermatologist Dr. Sandy Skotnicki shares the mic with beauty expert Chantel Guertin to have an honest conversation about things that affect skin health beyond beauty products.

Born and Raised
“Where are you really from?” is a question familiar to children of immigrants in any country, and it’s what gave rise to this podcast from HuffPost Canada. “Part reflection, part storytelling, Born And Raised digs into our experiences and connections with identity, family, and culture,” reads the official synopsis of this podcast, which has released two seasons so far, one focused on food and the second on love.

Cavern of Secrets
This “show about extraordinary women” is hosted by Toronto comedian Lauren Mitchell and has featured the likes of writer Sarah Hagi, author Eden Robinson and rapper Haviah Mighty. If you go back into the archive, you’ll find interviews with Rookie founder Tavi Gevinson, author Cheryl Strayed and musician Tanya Tagaq.

The Brand is Female
This weekly podcast is hosted by Eva Hartling, founder of a strategic brand communications agency of the same name based in Montreal and Toronto. The company specializes in working with women-led and women-focused brands in fashion, lifestyle, beauty and more, and their podcast is an extension of that ethos of female empowerment. Recent guests on the show, which features conversations and stories from successful women in various industries, include Florence Gagnon, founder of LGBTQ+ media company Lez Spread the Word; Stephanie Kersta, psychotherapist and co-founder of meditation studio Hoame; and Jennifer Brodeur, facialist and founder of JB Skin Guru.

WE Well-Being
With the entire world grappling with heightened levels of stress and anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic, this podcast—hosted by Sophie Grégoire Trudeau—couldn’t have come at a better time. Offering listeners hands-on advice, tools and strategies to foster well-being in their lives, guests on the podcast include Tessa Virtue, Silken Laumann and Margaret Trudeau.

The Afterglow
This new podcast from Julie Watson and Liz Doyle Harmer, founders of a Toronto-based yoga studio, discusses the societal pressures put on women “gives you the permission and tools to create your courageous second act.” Recent guests include Jennifer Kolari, a child and family therapist; opera singer Measha Brueggergosman; and designer/creative director Tiffany Pratt.

Inappropriate Questions
Season 2 of this CBC podcast features a whole new list of inappropriate questions people just shouldn’t ask—but still do. Like “Are you full-native?” or “Have you lost weight?”. Hosted by Elena Hudgins Lyle and Harvinder Wadhwa, the series deconstructs the invasive questions often asked to different communities, and explores what these questions imply, their social and historical contexts, and why people ask them.

This Is Not a Drake Podcast
This five-part limited series from the CBC explores the evolution of hip-hop and R&B through the lens of Drake’s career. Hosted by radio producer and documentarian Ty Harper, the podcast unpacks rap and R&B’s long and complicated history, dives into the evolution of gender dynamics in hip-hop and the rise of the Nice Guy rapper, and explores how the mixtape revolution made Drake’s success possible.

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