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Birks and Izzy Camilleri Team Up to Donate Masks to Hospitals via Buy One, Donate One Offer

Two Canadian brands have joined forces to help support Canadian hospitals and healthcare workers as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our community. Fine jewellery maison Birks and designer Izzy Camilleri, who works to design clothing for people with physical disabilities, have teamed up to provide masks for hospitals across Canada, whilst simultaneously providing safe face coverings for consumers.

When the pandemic hit, Camilleri was forced to lay-off her team, however several of her staff volunteered to (whilst observing all social distancing protocols) return to the production studio to make masks. “We had fabrics available that met the safety protocols and wanted to do what we could to help,” the designer explained in a release. Expanding that initiative further, Camilleri and her team are now making masks for consumers, too. As always, her approach is ultra-inclusive with options for children and people with physical disabilities.

Made from an eco-friendly, washable woven poly cotton and spandex bland, the masks are safe for consumer use.

Retailing at just $15, for every mask sold, Birks and Camilleri will donate a second mask to a hospital. “People wearing masks when they leave their homes offers mutual protection that can significantly reduce the number of individuals exposed. The challenge is a shortage of masks available to consumers. By teaming up with Izzy we are able to provide masks for hospitals and protect our community,” Jean-Christope Bédos, the president and CEO of Birks said in a statement.

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