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Photograph courtesy of Universal Standard

Universal Standard Publishes Children’s Book on the Importance of Inclusivity in Fashion

BRB, buying one for every person we know.

The message of inclusivity in fashion is one that we here at FASHION Canada take very seriously. In March, we relaunched our brand with the message of #FASHIONforall – our mission is to bring fashion and beauty-focused content to all sizes, ages, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations. So you can imagine our delight when a press release crossed our desks announcing the launch of a new children’s book focused on inclusivity in fashion by pioneering fashion brand Universal Standard.

Called What Would Fashion Look Like if it Included All of Us?, the book “shows us a world where everyone is kind and accepting, in an effort to dismantle stereotypes of beauty and let future generations redefine how they see the world – and themselves in it,” explains the release.

universal standard
Photograph courtesy of Universal Standard

The book is filled with inspiring rhymes that highlight the importance of freedom of expression, options for everyone and shopping sustainably. One of our favourite pages is one that reads, “Most importantly, though (and we want to be clear), when there’s fashion for all, there’s nothing to fear. The world becomes kinder, let this be a reminder, to aim for this great new frontier.”

The book is available for pre-order today, and in case you needed another reason to add it to cart immediately – 100% of the proceeds from the book will be donated to Save the Children and No Kid Hungry’s shared initiative, #SAVEWITHSTORIESwhich is helping to bring education and food to some of America’s most at-risk children during this time.

As a marker of just how much the brand believes this message needs to be heard by everyone, it is also making the book available for free digital download, with the option to donate to #SAVEWITHSTORIES.

Speaking with FASHION about why this message of inclusivity is important for everyone, but particularly children in their formative years, Alexandra Waldman, the co-founder and chief creative officer of Universal Standard, said, “We want to usher in a new, more encompassing idea of beauty, kindness, and inclusivity. We believe that the future is about a re-set of how fashion looks at all of us, and how we all look back.”

We couldn’t agree more.

Buy, download and/or donate here.

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