meet you there
Photograph courtesy of Reebok

Cardi B Talks Being Weird for Reebok’s New ‘Meet You There’ Campaign

"You've got to stay true to yourself all the time"

You can now make your money moves in style thanks to Reebook’s new ‘Meet You There’ campaign, fronted by Cardi B.

The sportswear brand unveiled the new campaign overnight accompanied by a video in which Cardi shares her thoughts on style, stayING true to herself and being weird.

On what influences her style

“Definitely the Bronx, where I came from. And my friends.”

On staying true to herself

“A lot people are always talking about how I talk weird, that I have a very deep accent. I started feeling very insecure. Then I was like, nah, forget it. You’ve got to stay true to yourself all the time.”

On what makes her unique

“I just thought I was weird because everybody kept telling me that I’m weird but when I started doing videos on Instagram, and so many people claimed that they relate to me, I was like, whoa, I guess there’s a lot of weird people out there.”

Cardi was named as an ambassador for the brand back in November of last year. This most recent campaign sees her wearing the newest collection which “intersects street style and workout wear” according to a release. Finished in black, blue and green, the pieces feature a streetwear-inspired block text logo and, most excitingly, are available in extended sizing from XXS-XXL in women’s and XXS-XXXL in men’s.

Meet You There
Photograph courtesy of Reebok

It’s shaping up to be a big second half of the year for Cardi with the release of her new movie Hustlers happening next month at TIFF. The film is produced by Lorene Scafaria and also stars Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, Julia Stiles, Keke Palmer, Lili Reinhart and Lizzo. It’s based on the true story of a group of strippers who teamed up to rob their wealthy Wall Street clients and judging by the trailer, looks set to be a wild ride.