Sweater Vest Trend
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12 Ways to Wear the Sweater Vest Trend That Harry Styles Would Approve Of

Time to live your vest life.

Throw away any preconceived notions that the sweater vest trend is only for grandpas and get ready to embrace this sleeveless knit. The preppy style has made a comeback thanks to collections from the likes of Gucci and Prada. The often buttoned up look can take a quirky turn with bold prints and styling as demonstrated on numerous occasions by Harry Styles. After all, the fashion-forward musician, who has helped put pearls on the map for men, knows how to make a splash in the latest styles.

Worn on its own or over a shirt, the sweater vest trend can suit any mood and whether worn oversized or fit snug against the body, there’s a version of this style for everyone. Layer yours under a blazer for a heritage look or take a leaf from Styles’ book and pair one with a colourful beaded necklace. We say it’s time to trade in your hoodies for this retro layering piece that’s rich in nostalgia.

Click through the gallery below for 12 ways to wear the sweater vest trend that Harry Styles would approve of:


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