TIFF party talk: Kelly Rowland almost lies to us about shopping on Fashion’s Night Out

Photography by Elli Stuhler

On the red carpet at the star-studded Cinema Against AIDS event, we had the chance to chat up Kelly Rowland . When we talk Fashion’s Night Out, she almost tries to cover up that she did some shopping herself. Not that it’s a crime.

What brings you here tonight? “AmfAR brings me here tonight, Kenneth Cole brings me here tonight, their passion brings me out here tonight, finding a cure brings me out here tonight, so I’m excited to be here tonight amongst so many great people, people with passion and I’m excited to see what the night holds.

Did you come to Toronto specifically for the event? “I did, we’re all flying back tonight.”

So I guess that means you won’t be doing any film festival stuff. “No! I won’t get a chance, I have to rush back to New York to get in the studio, and fashion shows and things like that.”

Are you doing anything for New York Fashion Week? “Yes, as a matter of fact, I did Fashion’s Night Out with Moschino.”

How was it? “Oh, amazing!”

What was your favourite part of the night? “Honestly, meeting the people! Everybody coming in and out of the stores, being excited about the energy of fashion week, and millions–okay, not millions–thousands of people on the streets. Just the excitement of it all.”

Did you do any shopping yourself? “I didn’t so… I did. [laughs] I was gonna lie! But I did. Some.”

You can’t not. Can I ask about what you’re wearing tonight? “Yes, Georges Chakra, one of my favourite new designers. I love him, I went to his show the other day, it was beautiful.”

Amazing. Is this a new hairstyle? “Yeah! I just cut my hair five days ago.”

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