TIFF party pics: Kenneth Cole talks mix-and-match black, plus red carpet snaps of Kelly Rowland, Martin Sheen and more

Kenneth Cole on the red carpet. Photography by Elli Stuhler

There’s nothing like celebrity endorsement to open hearts (read: wallets) for a good cause. So when Kenneth Cole, Kelly Rowland, Martin Sheen, Emilio Estevez signed up to attend the event, so did the majority of the Porche-driving population of Rosedale.

The result was some yummy black tie style, and some yummier conversations with Kenneth Cole and Kelly Rowland. See my Q&A with Cole after the jump.

So what brings you out here today? “I’m here for a very important event. I’m the co-chair at AmfAR and we’re partnering with Dignitas International, a Canadian organization that does great on-the-ground AIDS advocacy and service-delivery work in Africa. We’re proud to work with Dignitas and tonight will be a great night, and it’ll be a chance to tell an important story at a time when it’s important that people hear it.”

Last year you couldn’t make it to the event because you were too busy with New York Fashion Week. How are you balancing the two this week? “The same, it’s hard. I’m here today gone tomorrow.”

Are you presenting? “I’m not doing a formal show, I actually took a year off, cause we’re kind of repositioning the line. We’re still doing internal presentations, we still do the same work, but not as visibly.”

You don’t need me to tell you, you look absolutely dapper this evening. Can you tell me a little bit about your wardrobe choices this evening? “Well these are very cool wardrobe pieces from this cool New York designer and today–and you know, wardrobe dressing is about mixing and matching. Formal attire isn’t as formal as it used to be and casual isn’t as casual as it used to be, so the notion of putting things together is fun and it’s very personal and it’s basically a lot of individual expression. So tonight is just mixing and matching.”

Mixing and matching, but all black? “But black.”
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