The hot list: The 10 best things at fashion week (so far)

By Sarah Casselman and Caitlan Moneta

The official Fashion Week wraps up on Friday, so we thought we’d take stock of our favourite things–including picks from last week’s pre-shows–so far. Read the round-up after the jump.

1. Philip Sparks’ cherry-blossom prints

2. Mega-model moment at Greta Constantine. (Coco rocks the runway)

3. The AGO’s Walker Court

4. Dynamic duo: Alexander Berardi and Jessica Jensen

5. Shocking colour at Pink Tartan

6. Joeffer Caoc’s runway return. (We’ve missed you)

7. “Pink is the navy blue of Canada”

8. Off the runway: Fur (faux and fo’ real)

9. Krups/Nescafé hot chocolate

10. The arts and crafts look at Line

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