Toronto notes: Joeffer Caoc, DimitriChris and Nada at the Art of Progression

Joeffer Caoc Spring 2011. Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani.

A buzzing crowd filed into a cavernous concrete space at the Brickworks last night for the Art of Progression presentation, featuring the Spring 2011 collections from Joeffer Caoc, DimitriChris and Nada. The chilly evening air wafted in through the rafters–through which the moon made a pretty appearance–leaving many a mini-skirted patron complaining of fingers almost too numb to Tweet the proceedings (almost).

First up, after a sponsor-placed Audi drove the length of the runway, daringly close to front-rowers’ toes, Joeffer Caoc sent out a wide variety of looks, ranging from slinky striped jersey dresses to Barbie-pink satin tops to shipshape relaxed navy suiting shown with spangled silver tanks.

Next, menswear designer DimitriChris pushed the envelope of businesswear, showing a shrunken tailored capelet and a candy-striped suit that seemed more fit for the breakfast table than the boardroom.

Finally, Nada designer Nada Shepherd, who recently opened her first store uptown at Bayview Village, took things in a sophisticated direction with crisp crosshatch-print linen separates, trim belted jackets with sharp origami-esque pleats at the front, and a finale parade of four royal blue jersey columns.

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