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How to Properly Clean Workout Gear, From Leggings to Running Shoes

For lasting results.

Whether you love or hate working out, your workout gear deserves some TLC. Here are the proper ways to do so, according to field experts.

How to clean it:
1. In order to preserve all the qualities and properties of the fabric, we suggest to machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle.
2. Separate colours and wash separately.
3. Use the recommended amount of detergent. Hélène Cyr, quality assurance manager at Lolë, suggests that using too much may leave residue on your clothes, affecting the performance of your gear.

A different approach should be taken for technical synthetic fabrics (i.e. luon and luxtreme):
1. Turn your gear inside out.
2. Wash like with like in cold water (avoid mixing synthetics with cotton).
3. Use cold water and your normal laundry detergent without fabric softener.
4. Hang or tumble dry.

The golden rule with fitness gear is to never use fabric softeners, which clog the moisture-wicking fibres and leave your workout clothes smelling unclean. To extend the life of your gear, Brittany Gelineau, manager of brand product education of Lululemon, suggests looking for high quality fabrics and technologies that are inherent to the products you purchase. Anti-stink technology is great, especially for high sweat workouts.

How to clean your sneakers:
1. Clean the exterior of the sneaker with a solution of one teaspoon of laundry detergent to a cup of water.
2. Scrub with a toothbrush.
3. Remove suds with a sponge dipped in clean water.

Note: use foot powder to reduce odours. Always wear a sock to create a moisture barrier.

How to store:
1. Never leave your sweaty clothes in your gym bag or in a ball.
2. Always make sure to remove your clothes from your gym back when you get home, and to store your items only when completely dry.
3. Leave your sneakers out in the sun for a day to help kill odours.

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