The Latest Ikea Collab that We Can’t Get Enough Of

Ikea announces collaboration with creator of Colette Sarah Andelman, and designer of Darcel Disappoints Craig Redman, titled FÖRNYAD.

If you were up-to-date with all things trendy in the 2000s, you may remember Colette: the Parisian concept store whose one-of-a-kind selection of fashion and lifestyle products essentially defined cool from 1997 to 2017. Well, creator and creative director of Colette, Sarah Andelman, is back and has collaborated with Craig Redman, the designer behind Darcel Disappoints to create a limited edition furniture collection for IKEA.

The line, called FÖRNYAD,  is described as “an infusion of fashion, fun and quirkiness,”and is aimed at students furnishing their first home away from home. The collection is built around Darcel Disappoints, a one-eyed cynical-yet-endearing cartoon character who graces everything from rugs to couches to stools. Both the brands of Colette and Darcel Disapoints blend together to create a playful atmosphere that helps bring the fun back into student life.

Although there is a heavy emphasis on back to school items e.g. pencil cases, notebooks, staple furniture items such as a brightly patterned sofa, a table entailing the classic Colette blue, and a wireless charging lamp could easily brighten up any room. Pieces such as the FÖRNYAD rug, which consists of a giant face of Darcel, helps to mix simple designs with humour, while consistently evoking a sense of joy.

The FÖRNYAD collection launches June 1st 2019 and will be available for 6-8 weeks or while quantities last.