Colette is Closing Its Doors in December

After a stunningly successful 20 years, Parisian concept shop Colette announced on Instagram that they will be closing their doors in December. Co-owners/mother and daughter duo Colette Roussaux and Sarah Andelman will be step down from their shop girl stools permanently. According to the Instagram post, Colette, “has reached the time when she would like to take her time; and Colette cannot exist without Colette.”

Understandable. These grand doyennes ofΒ  the concept shop were expert collaborators, Colette and Sarah championed brands big and small while pushing fashion ever forward. Touching tributes have since poured in over social media with support and special memories.

On my first trip to Paris for fashion week, my boss told me 213 rue Saint-Honore should be my first stop. I was instantly seduced by the space. From the innovative window displays and mystery bags (you know it’ll be something cool) to the modern cafe and playfully dressed mannequins upstairs (each outfit paired with coordinating shoes), what wasn’t to love? Stepping through the doors made me feel like I’d arrived. Now, whenever I touch down in Paris, Colette is still my first stop. I have dragged my dad up and down the stairs to stare at impossibly expensive jewellery cases and spent time thumbing the books and little bit and bobs by the cash. Balenciaga bags next to Pez dispensers and snow globes somehow felt so right at Colette. It had cool factor in spades.

Saint Laurent is in talks to take over the space come December 20th. They’ve got awfully big shoes to fill.