Your plus size guide to Spring 2014 trends: How to do crop tops, pastels and more!

Plus Size Spring 2014 Trends
Photography by Stephanie Florentina
Plus Size Spring 2014 Trends
Photography by Stephanie Florentina

After a slow start, it looks like spring is finally here. Months of ogling new arrivals has prepped us for taking the Spring 2014 trend plunge and while some (read: crop tops) seem made exclusively for those size zero girls, fear not: I’m here to teach you how to appropriate Spring 2014’s top trends for the plus size girl.
Since reawakening the drab wintery closet of a plus size girl may be limited as there aren’t as many on-trend offerings, it’s easy to get intimidated. And while your go-to retailer of extended sizes may not always have what you want, it takes a little ingenuity to scour the petite section for curvy-friendly pieces with a little give or the glorious two-way stretch. Before you go shopping, here’s some outfit inspiration on Spring 2014 trends for the girl with a little more.

Spring 2014 Pastel Trend Plus Size
Photography by Stephanie Florentina

Trend: Pastel

Wearing soft hues is really growing on me. Because I’m still learning how to dress them, I’ve incorporated pastel accessories paired with this rose motif top that has a hint of peach in it. The black jeans really help the naturally softer colours pop just a little more.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to mix different pastel hues and when you do go for a simpler beauty look.

Mo’s wearing: Jeans, Bianca Nygard at The Bay. Jacket, Penningtons. Heels, Just Fab. Top, bag and glasses, Forever21. Earrings, Thrifted.

Spring 2014 Crop Top Trend Plus Size
Photography by Stephanie Florentina

Trend: Crop top

Showing a little skin boils down to confidence. I’m very aware of my body and know just how much skin I’m willing to bare. I love how this look lets skin peek out without exposing too much.

Tip: Still weary of showing skin? Pair a crop top with high-waisted bottoms.

Mo’s wearing: Crop top, H&M. Skirt, Self-made. Shoes and handbag, Aldo.

Spring 2014 World Trend Plus Size
Photography by Stephanie Florentina

Trend: World

Putting together a culturally infused look is really natural to me. I love prints and the more in-your-face they are, the better. The key to mixing worldly prints, without looking like a clown, is to find common colours that will bring the whole look together.

Tip: If you’re still warming up to prints, opt for softer Hawaiian florals or ones with minimal colours.

Mo’s wearing: Pants, Thrifted. Sweater, Forever21. Blazer, Target. Clutch, Clutch Culture. Glasses, The Black Market. Heels, JustFab.

Spring 2014 Athletic Trend Plus Size
Photography by Stephanie Florentina

Trend: Athletic

When I was younger, I was a streetwear fanatic. Now that I’m older, I can still pull off the boxy athletic dress reminiscent of tennis gear and some on-trend New Balance sneakers for a laid back look with a lot of personality in it.

Tip: The trendy sneakers go with a lot more than athletic dresses and joggers. Play dress up with other pieces!

Mo’s wearing: Dress and coat, Old Navy. Shoes, Little Burgundy. Bag, Clutch Culture.

Spring 2014 Ladylike Trend Plus Size
Photography by Stephanie Florentina

Trend: Lady

I feel really feminine when I’m in a midi skirt. There’s so much power in not having to show so much sometimes and this look made me feel invincible. For this look I searched for some stretchy fabrics in the basic section at H&M. I love how the blue knit gives a pop of colour to this mix of girly and sportswear.

Tip: Don’t limit yourself to women’s clothing; the men’s section always has some great pieces you can totally rock!

Mo’s wearing: Skirt, Sweater and Bag, H&M. Sweatshirt, H&M Men’s. Heels, JustFab.