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Photo Tricks From the Front Row: Our Editors Share Their Best Tips for Getting a Good Shot at a Fashion Show

When blurry images just aren't an option.

Fashion week is a heck of a whirlwind. A series of back-to-back shows, presentations, parties and events that, by the end of the week, blur into one long, sleep-deprived memory. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to quickly recall the standout shows, the must-have pieces, and the moments that defined the week—scrolling through our phone’s photo albums. And of course, as the editors of FASHION who attend these fashion weeks each season, it falls upon us to document everything we see and experience for our readers and followers. Which means, those photos and videos we snapped and recorded endlessly? They better be good.

From each FASHION editor covering fashion week, here are some tips and tricks we use for getting great photos, along with some handy things we learned at a ‘Today at Apple’ class on photo skills at the brand’s Eaton Centre store the week before fashion month began.

Pahull Bains, London Fashion Week

For me, the biggest challenge during runway shows is getting shots that capture the details of what a model is wearing in the few seconds as she passes by your seat. More often than not, these images are over- or under-exposed and extremely blurry. (Models walk fast.) Focusing on elements like shoes, jewellery or head accessories can be even trickier, but these three iPhone features helped me up my photo game this season.

Isabel Slone, New York Fashion Week

I like to self-identify as the ‘world’s worst photographer’ — seriously, whenever tourists ask me to snap a photo of them I decline out of respect — so when I was assigned the task of documenting the greatest moments of New York Fashion Week using the new iPhone XR camera, I was intimidated, to say the least. Luckily, the camera was able to do most of the heavy lifting – all I had to do was notice something interesting and the camera was there to get the shot.



Noreen Flanagan, Milan Fashion Week

After each show, I love knitting together quick videos on my iPhone XS Max either using iMovie or Videoshop. (This last app is great if you need to edit vertical clips for Instagram stories.) But there’s still nothing more satisfying than capturing a still image that captures—and freezes—the details and moments that inspire you at fashion week.

Eliza Grossman, Paris Fashion Week

Although it’s nine days long, Paris Fashion Week feels more like two.  A jam-packed schedule means that even the most memorable collections can be hard to recall. The photos I take at each showroom appointment and runway show are a constant reference point as I map out the magazine’s fashion coverage, so clear detailed shots are a must. Tapping subjects to focus and brightening images have become game changers when it comes to getting the perfect shot on the first try.