The iPhone XS Max Is a Photographer’s Best Friend

No more photo FOMO.

Since I started using the iPhone XS Max in October, I’ve found I’m taking more pictures than ever. The advanced camera capabilities of the phone have reignited the creative spark of finding photo opportunities while travelling, on set or even in the mundane moments when I’m just out for a walk. I no longer get a dreaded feeling from forgetting my camera if a photo moment arises, and I’m able to capture sentimental memories in a more-than-satisfactory quality.

The iPhone XS Max boasts the best camera on an iPhone to date, which is saying a lot considering their ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign (which boasted the iPhone’s camera capabilities on billboards) debuted with the iPhone 6.

The phone features two lenses, a telephoto and a wide-angle lens for variability in 12 Megapixel resolutions. The improved HDR mode allows you to capture crisp details in the both the shadows and highlights to make the images look more filmic. The true depth camera allows you to take portraits where your subject is in focus, and the background is blurred, and the new software now allows you to adjust the degree of focus. The improved low light capabilities are truly astounding; I was able to capture photos at night that I would’ve never been able to achieve before on an iPhone.

As a videographer, I was excited by the 4K video recording and better dynamic range capabilities. I took to the streets of New York for our winter issue skate shoot to test out the improved image stabilization. Equipped with a DJI Osmo 2 I sprinted down the streets of New York after our skateboarding models Danielle Melendez and Yasmeen Wilkerson. To see the results watch the video below.