All about the powers of mystical jewellery, the latest New Age trend we’re trying

The notion that gemstones can embody mystical powers isn’t exactly new. In fact, it’s about as ancient as it gets in the world of accessories. Similar to healing crystals, gems with spiritual qualities have been worked into jewellery settings throughout history so that the wearer is able to absorb their powers.

In early societies, people wore talismans and amulets, believing that these objects would keep them from harm, cure illnesses, and provide good luck. The Ancient Egyptians often donned carnelians which were said to invoke the goddess Isis’ protection. Early warriors incorporated garnets into their weapons and armour, as the gem was thought to help mitigate the flow of blood from an open wound. And amber was allegedly created when the rays of a brilliantly setting sun congealed with the sea and washed up on shore.

During the Middle Ages, the healing properties of gemstones were attributed to science, and in turn accepted as fact. It wasn’t until the end of of the 17th Century that the more implausible virtues of gems began to come into question. Despite the eventual discrediting of some of their more potent medical properties, the age-old belief in the supernatural powers of certain stones continues to permeate our modern lore. People still buy gemstones that coincide with their birthdays or anniversaries because they believe it will bring them good fortune.

It’s a curiosity that contemporary jewellery lines have been quick to embrace, with many of them releasing mystically imbued designs as of late. Call It Spring recently debuted a moonstone-centric collection—a stone that was believed to grant the ability to see into the future if you held it in your mouth during a full moon (it’s also supposed to soothe emotional instability and stress). Pamela Love has been fashioning ethereal, eclectic jewels for nearly a decade, drawing ingredients from astrology, alchemy, botany, and folklore into her unique concoction of modern urban mysticism. The label’s arrowhead rings are one-of-a-kind pieces that boast stones like obsidian and jasper (the latter is known for its protective nature). And Eddie Borgo is tapping into our love of ’90s feels by reviving the much-revered mood ring. A literal translation of your inner aura, the rock oscillates between deep violet (for when you’re feeling especially passionate) and murky amber (on those unsettled, confused days—so, basically every other day). Seeing as the changes correspond to your fluctuating body temps, it might also have something to do with the weather, but that doesn’t deliver the same transcendental trip, does it?

In any case, living in an age dialled in to the digital zeitgeist, as we are, can inevitably leave the inner essences drained. Sometimes it’s nice to switch off the logical side of our brain and open ourselves up to the possibility of hidden mysticism and healing stones. Plus, they’re the perfect mix of witchy/hippie/boho babe. Click through the gallery below for some of our favourite mystical jewellery looks.