Everything You Need to Know About Healing Crystals

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The path to spiritual enlightenment can be a long one. If your weekly yoga classes and daily scheduled transcendental meditation sessions haven’t been successful in killing the bad vibes, it might be time to take a new approach to getting in touch with your spiritual side.

Healing crystals have garnered popularity due to the belief that these stones that form naturally in the earth hold healing properties, and produce positive energy to help restore life’s balance and bring prosperity in areas like money and love. Ok, so many of them also look pretty too, but aesthetics aside, utilizing the right ones in your collection can potentially help you get the results you’re looking for.

Understanding how crystals work, which formations to pick and how care for them, are the first steps in spiritual healing and emotional self-discovery. So, if you’re ready to buy some crystals and (maybe) fix your life, let’s get our rock on.

How do healing crystals work?

Healing crystals (minerals that have a defined crystal structure) and rocks (a mix of two or more mineral elements) are stones believed to emit energy that vibrates on measurable frequencies. “Working with them [crystals and rocks] is a natural, holistic, ancient healing art, and exposure to their energy can affect a person’s well-being and health, weather it be physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually,” explains Krista Mitchell of Rock Whisperer NYC.

How do you know which crystals will work best for you?

Choosing crystals is like finding a new pair of jeans. After trying on a million fits and styles, you instantly know when you slide on the perfect pair. “Take a walk around the store to allow yourself to see what you’re drawn to, even if it’s purely aesthetic before you read all of the descriptions. This gives you the opportunity to which stones you have a communication channel with. If you need to be tactile, then touch, feel and hold, and choose based on which one speaks to you,” suggests Samantha Chin, owner of The Rock Store in Toronto.

In addition to following your intuition, you can also research which ones will serve you best before visiting a store, or consult with a crystal therapist or expert.

How do you care for crystals?

To ensure their maximum effectiveness, Mitchell suggests clearing a crystal’s energy as soon as you get it home. “It’s important to clear their energy before you work with them, as you can’t be sure what they’ve been exposed to before they came into your keeping. Easy ways to do this are to run them several times through the smoke of burning ceremonial sage, leave them in a bowl of lightly salted water or uncooked organic brown rice overnight or bury in them in fresh soil (a potted plant or a garden will do) for a few hours.”

Just like your iPhone, crystals also have to periodically get recharged. “I recommend clearing crystals every so often when you feel something has changed. There are many ways including: cold water, salt, sound, sunlight, sage, incense, moonlight and burying in the ground. My recommendation is to use sound as it clears the stone the fastest. You can use a crystal-singing bowl, or some classical music turned up loud. If you stand in front of a loud speaker you can feel the dense vibration of sound in your body. So is true for the crystals, and the vibration of sound helps “shake off” and return the stone to its base frequency aligned with the earth,” explains Chin.

Both Mitchell and Chin agree that like any strong relationship, quality time together is essential. In order for your crystals to take care of you, you need to spend time with them and treat them with care.

Browse the gallery to learn about the different types of healing crystals.

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