moschino hudson's bay
Photography courtesy of Hudson's Bay.

Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott on His Limited Edition, Unisex Collection for Hudson’s Bay

The eleven-piece collection launches today.

During his seven-year tenure as creative director for Moschino, Jeremy Scott has delighted fashion lovers with his eccentric twists on pop culture references. For a new collab with Hudson’s Bay in honour of the Canadian retailer’s 350th anniversary, Scott gave a selection of Moschino Couture pieces the Point Blanket look, adding the multi-hued striped motif to unisex wardrobe essentials like a moto jacket, waist bag, hoodie and fleece pants.

“I was instantly inspired by the idea of rendering the Moschino biker bag in the iconic wool stripes of the Point Blanket,” says Scott of the ideation phase for the limited edition collection. “I wanted to play with two of Moschino’s most recognizable icons, the biker bag and the logo belt; I also wanted to do a sweat suit and emulate the blanket, but in a brushed fleece for a really cozy set which you will see me wearing all winter long.”

Read on to find out more about the collaboration, how he’s kept his energy flowing during the COVID-19 crisis, and what advice he has for creatives during this uncertain time.

moschino hudson's bay
Photography courtesy of Hudson’s Bay.

Why do you enjoy working with iconic motifs like the Point Blanket stripes? How do they inspire you?

Icons visually communicate instantly– you immediately know their story. My work has always been about communicating through fashion, so icons are especially key tools for me to tell my stories.

How has your creative process changed, if at all, during the pandemic?

I think, if anything, it has only strengthened my creative process. I’ve always been able to work well with limits and push boundaries with my creativity even when I have been faced with obstacles.

What are some things you’ve been doing during the pandemic to keep your energy going, and to care for your mental health?

I’ve started to take up flower arrangement to bring beauty and colour into my home, as I had never spent so much time at home before. It really gave me a new relationship with my own house! I started painting on large leaves in my yard and incorporating them into the arrangements which was something that was very therapeutic for me.

moschino hudson's bay
Photography courtesy of Hudson’s Bay.

What do you hope will change in the fashion industry’s near future given all the conversations about issues like inclusivity, sustainability and more that we’re seeing this year?

I’ve always been a proponent for more voices being included in the conversation–don’t forget, I am the people’s designer after all.

What’s on your studio playlist these days?

Dua Lipa’s remixes!

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a creative right now?

Follow your heart–it will always lead you to where you are meant to go!

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