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Celebs Are Bringing Back the Moon Boot

You can wear these chunky Y2K boots all season long.

In search of the most over-the-top boot to keep you warm in the coming months? Look no further. This winter, celebs are making the case for a classic relic of Y2K footwear: Moon Boots.

Like with Uggs and Doc Martens, GCDS Moon Boots immediately conjures an image of the footwear it’s best known for: a boot that is super-laced, heavily-branded, and oversized AF. With the current early aughts fashion renaissance, the return of the Moon Boot — a Y2K cold-weather staple — is more fitting than ever.

In a recent Victoria’s Secret campaign, Hailey Bieber was pictured against a snow-covered mountain backdrop in undergarments and a pair of chunky pink Moon Boots. This chic (albeit impracticable) outfit combo seems to be the look of the season.

And to celebrate the holidays, Dua Lipa similarly donned a pair of Hello Kitty Moon Boots — part of Sanrio’s collaboration with GCDS — in one of her famous IG photo dumps. In some snaps, she’s sporting the boots with nothing but a bikini.


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Sensing a theme? Moon Boots are the outfit. Little clothing is needed when these shoes are in the picture.

Created during the 1960s Space Age era, Moon Boots were inspired by the shape of astronauts’ anti-gravity boots during the Apollo 11 moon landing mission.

What came of that inspiration was a thick-soled, waterproof boot ideal for harsh weather conditions. Made by Italian entrepreneur Giancarlo Zanatta, the boots were created specifically to provide sturdy grip and insulation when walking in the snow. But over time, they’ve become less about function and more about fashion.

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In the early 2000s, the footwear resurfaced as a retrofuturistic style staple worn by influential Y2K style figures, and the shoe’s bulky build didn’t deter It-Girls of the era like Paris Hilton from slipping on a pair of Moon Boots with nothing but a T-shirt or a light jacket.

Naturally, that trend continues today with the aforementioned looks from Bieber and Lipa. Along with bikini photo-ops, Moon Boots can be dressed up.

Mariah Carey — another Y2K style icon — shared pictures prancing through the snow in a white pair of the famed boots, with full glam, a gold cocktail dress and a white cape (it’s a look no one else can pull off quite like she can).

Since its ascension from space travel to coveted footwear, the Moon Boot has faced criticism that its design is not unconventional but in fact just plain…ugly. Even still, the boot’s cult following is stronger than ever as it stays true to its original iconic design.

Once made for function, the Moon Boot has evolved into a pleasantly absurdist style choice. We need more of that in 2022.

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