how to wear hair clips
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This is How to Wear Hair Clips For an Instant Facelift

According to Korean hairstylist Seo Yoon.

There’s no denying that hair clips are having a *major* moment right now. Not since our high school days have we seen so many clips around town, however the 2019 iterations are much fancier than those from back in the day. And, in addition to making us feel chic, it turns out that hair clips (much like a good tight ponytail) can also be used to give the illusion of a tighter, more lifted face.

In a video for Allure Korea, Korean hairstylist Seo Yoon explained how she uses clips on actress IU in the show Hotel Del Luna. And her tips have been so popular that the video has over 1.4 million likes already, having only been posted a few days ago.

According to Seo Yoon, you should pin clips on an upwards angle in line with the outer corners of your eyes. This, she says, helps the face to look instantly lifted.

how to wear hair clips

If you’re trying to make your face look smaller, there’s an easy fix for that, too. Simply pull your hair up in the same upwards angle you would with the clips and fix slightly above your eye level. By doing this, Seo Yoon says you’ll create natural volume which makes your face look smaller.

how to wear hair clips

Get all of Seo Yoon’s tips and tricks below…

It was recently revealed by luxury resale site TheRealReal that hair clips are the second highest micro-trend for the season ahead. So if you’re looking for some pieces to help perfect your look, we suggest you take a look there.

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