Photography by iStockPhoto/grinvalds

The 7 Best Salt-Free Sprays for Beach-Worthy Waves

Hold the salt, please

While we all may be dreaming of summer days spent idling away at the beach, with salt in our hair and the sun on our skin, that’s just not the reality for the majority of us. We’re more likely than not still spending our days at an office or behind a computer screen. But that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend. Salt sprays have long been the answer to beach-y hair without the beach, and while they do deliver that just-out-of-the-ocean feel, spritzes of this sort also have a reputation of being drying and dehydrating. Luckily, there are a handful of products on the market today that deliver A-grade windswept texture without the grit of earlier iterations.

Here’s what to reach for this summer to get beach-worthy waves without the added sodium: