Photography via IMAXTREE

A Very Useful Breakdown On How You Should Be Washing Your Cotton Garments

Mundane, but necessary.

Cotton is very popular in fashion thanks to the fact that it’s easy to work with and wear. Since it serves us so well, making our cotton garments last is important (both for our wallets and the environment). We turned to Melissa Maker, face of YouTube channel Clean My Space, to find out how to wash cotton.

How to clean/wash it:
1. Wash with similar colours. Remember to separate from other cotton items like towels and linens.
2. Use the right detergent, as well as the right amount of detergent (more doesn’t equal cleaner clothing!). Too many suds in an HE machine can do more harm than good, leading to dingy clothing.
3. Launder with hot or cold water, depending on the type of load (typically hot water is used for whites).
4. Hang garments that are prone to shrink while placing those that aren’t prone to shrink in the dryer.

How to store it:
1. Hang or fold.
2. You probably knew that one.