wool knits
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A Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning and Storing Your Wool Knits

Wool can be tricky to wash. Sometimes it seems to shrink at the mere sight of a washing machine, and at other times it comes out of the wash feeling stiff and itchy. We reached out to two experts to get the lowdown on how best to wash and store wool knits.

How to wash them:
1. “Fill a sink or basin with lukewarm to cool water (not too warm or hot, as that can cause shrinkage),” says Jennifer Wells, co-founder and co-creative director of Line Knitwear. “Use a mild detergent or baby shampoo.”
2. “Soak your sweater for approximately 10 minutes and squeeze out excess water. Be careful not to wring or rub the fabric too much.”
3. “Roll the sweater in a clean towel to remove excess moisture, and lay flat to dry on a drying rack or dry towel.”
4. “Finish by using a garment steamer to remove any wrinkles and help restore the shape.”

How to store them:
“Never hang a wool or cashmere jumper on a hanger,” says Dagmar Alsen, Global Head of Design, Olsen. “This will result in the fabric stretching and misshaping over time. Always fold instead, but not too tightly. For the best storage, avoid direct sun and damp rooms. Put sheets of silk wrapping paper between delicate knits. To keep moths away, use fragrant sacs—they smell good and you avoid chemicals in your closet.” Alsen adds that prior to storing, when machine washing you should “turn your knits inside out, use a laundry sac and dry them flat. Overall use mild detergent, no matter what kind of knit it is—cashmere, merino, cotton.”

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