How to clean white boots
Photography via ImaxTree

How to Keep Your White Boots, White

These boots were made for walking.

If you’re the type of person who can’t wear a light coloured blouse without slopping spaghetti sauce all over it, you’ve probably shied away from white boots. There is no boot bib after all, so keeping white boots pristine seems like an impossible task.

The street style-approved trend has been marched across many runways and we’re now ready to take the plunge thanks to a little help from Maison Bedard designer, Jessica Bédard. Bédard explains that the best way to keep your bright whites as fresh as possible is to start with a protective spray, “Spray at a good distance and wait half an hour and spray again so you have two coats for better protection.” Plus, spraying the night before you plan on wearing the shoes and following up with regular maintenance including shoe creams top her list of ways to keep white boots from looking dull or dirty. A quick wipe or even a touch up with a magic eraser sponge after each use can help keep a pair of investment boots in rotation season after season.

How to protect/clean:

1. Spray your boots with a protective leather spray 12 hours before wearing. Be sure to spray from a distance so the solution doesn’t becoming concentrated and wet in one spot.
2. Repeat with a second coat of spray after 30 minutes.
3. Let the leather dry overnight or for at least 12 hours.
4. Spot clean boots after each wear with a damp cloth or Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
5. Use leather conditioner or cream to keep boots looking shiny and nourished.
6. Reapply protective spray once or twice a season.

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