Why White Boots are the Only Shoes You Need Right Now

street style trend White Boots
Photography by IMAXtree

I’m currently experiencing buyer’s remorse. I had my eyes set on pair of creamy Pierre Hardy booties but walked away because they were slightly snug (since when was comfort on my list of priorities?). Only hours into New York Fashion Week, I was already filled with regret at seeing so many street stylers marching around in snow white boots. Subbing in white for basic black feels like the winter alternative to our staple sneakers. Now that I’m noticing them, clean white feet seem to be catching my eye everywhere, including the fall 2017 runways, making leaving those Pierre Hardys behind even more of a major miss.

While the closet full of black boots won’t be going anywhere, we’ve rounded up the best looks styled with white versions for winter to make you standout.