Guelph: On consignment at Wild Rose

Anyone feeling the pinch this January after a season of power-shopping can take comfort in Guelph’s impressive selection of vintage and consignment shops.

If you’re looking for a deal on jewellery, try Jack’s Corner Store (17 Macdonell St., 519-822-3794) or Vintage Advantage Boutique (29 Macdonell St., 519-821-5559); for younger styles, venture outside of the downtown core and visit Celebs (259 Grange Rd., 519-836-0001); and for women’s clothing and accessories go to And Venus Smiled (55 Wyndham St. N., 519-821-5846) and my pick for post-holiday shopping, Wild Rose (23A Macdonell St., 519-763-2233,

Wild Rose buys and sells clothing, shoes and accessories that keep in line with the current season and styles. Fantastic patterned scarves start at $2 and tights average $8 to $12 a pair. All items in the store are in excellent repair.

Items that aren’t sold are donated to a local women’s shelter, and a hidden gem is always on the horizon. When a pair of size 6 Manolos appeared in the window of Wild Rose this summer, phones were ringing frantically between friends trying to find the right foot for the coveted soles (tragically everyone contacted seemed to be a size 7 or higher – although I’m sure they ended up in a good home).

I left Wild Rose with the perfect interlocking necklace and matching earrings (shown) for only $20.  Sadly, there were no Blahniks today – but I’m sure that me and half of the women downtown will be keeping an eye out from now on.

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